These Drone Photography Contest Winners are Incredibly Inspiring

The fourth annual International Drone Photography Contest has just finished up and the winning photos are absolutely incredible.

I took the liberty of creating my own order of favorites in this post.  From the top down, here are the photos that stood out to me.

Thank you to the Dronestagram website for allowing me to repost the winning photos with their permission.  Check the site to see all the winners and lots of inspiring work.

This photo won first place in the nature category.
This photo won second place in the nature category.
This is a mystery. This shot won second place in the people category, without even having people in the shot. Oh, I know. There must be someone swimming beneath the water.
See… THIS is what's keeping me back from winning international photography competitions. I would walk right past this and say, “Dumb cows. Go fatten yourself up and become my BigMac.” This guy… made an incredibly artistic shot out of it. He'll continue winning the photo contests, but we all know who the real winner is–the fat BigMac guy.
This is so cool. Would make a really great stock photo to use this perspective.
Any time you see a mob of people surrounding a dead tauntaun, you know you have a great shot. I just wish they'd captured an elusive ewok in the shot as well. This is actually a festival in Spain where they celebrate the capture of a bear.


5 thoughts on “These Drone Photography Contest Winners are Incredibly Inspiring”

  1. Not surprisingly none chosen from the good ol USA. Most of these images would result in the FAA send you UAV operator an threating letter. Not big fans of flying over crowds or buzzing skyscrapers. I’ve already gotten my share of stern “threatening”/ warning letters on FAA letterhead as well as the National Park Service for less aggressive flying than seen in a couple of the winning images.

    Speaking of FAA, I hope everybody submitted for their refunds and deletion of FAA online registration database.

  2. Jim,
    The picture with the boat where the comment says there isn’t anyone in the picture and the comment says they might be someone under the water. Well, that might be true….but if you look close there is a person in the picture! The person is resting on the flowers – you can see the hands, etc.

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