How “Shot on iPhone” Commercials Are REALLY Filmed

Marques Brownlee, who has lately become the world's most popular tech reviewer, did an awesome video showing the true “behind the scenes” of those “Shot on iPhone” commercials.

This was especially relevant to me because I often use the iPhone to create videos for the Improve Photography Youtube channel.  I personally use a motorized gimbal to get the footage more smooth, but the rigs in this video are absolutely insanely cool.  Check it out.

2 thoughts on “How “Shot on iPhone” Commercials Are REALLY Filmed”

  1. I think the claims that the footage is shot on iPhone are misleading. Misleading, not borderline or debatable.
    Photography equipment consists of lens, sensor, and processor. While these are using the iPhone sensor and processor, the lens part is 100% deceptive.
    In my experience with DSLRs upgrading lenses made a dramatic improvement to my photos on a high-end camera body. Thus adding high end lenses that cost and weight much more than the iPhone cross a line.

  2. I have been following this kid since way before I got into Photography. He is great! He had one video where he stated that he has LOST 900,000+ followers and was joking about how great it is to be able to say that. What a brand he has built.

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