Canon 6D Mark II Specs Leaked

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The Canon 6D is one of the most popular cameras among Improve Photography readers.  In fact, it's the third most popular camera among Improve Photography readers (following the Nikon D750 and the Canon 5D Mark III).  The Canon 6D Mark II will undoubtedly be a popular camera as well.

Nokishita Camera leaked the specs of the upcoming 6D Mark II.  The following are the leaked specs–compared to those of the original 6D.

Original Canon 6DCanon 6D Mark IIJim's Reaction
20.2 megapixels26.2 megapixels26 megapixels is decent. It's nothing to get excited about, but adequate for most uses.
No dual pixelDual Pixel CMOS AFHelpful
11 point AF45 Cross-type AF pointsTHANK YOU, Canon. The focus system on the original 6D stunk.
4.4 frames per second6.5 frames per secondDecent.
ISO 25,600 native; 102,400 interpolatedISO 40,000 ISO native; 102,400 ISO interpolatedHo hum. It's nice, but doesn't look to be a huge bump. We'll see when the actual images come out.
1080p only1080p onlyI think all of us are wondering how long Canon will keep doing this before they lose more video customers to Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon.
3" fixed LCD3" Fully swiveling LCDSO AWESOME to see a fully swiveling LCD screen. I wish every camera had this. Unfortunately, many are just tiltable.
Wifi, GPSWifi, bluetooth, and GPSCanon is doing a good job with putting GPS in more of their cameras. THANK YOU!
144 x 110 x 70mm144 x 110 x 74mmNew version is almost identical, but 4mm deeper
760 grams765 gramsThis is almost identical to the size and weight of the Nikon competitor D750.

So that's the Canon 6D Mark II.  Thoughts?  Is this something you'd like to buy?  Is Canon moving in the right direction?

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