IP Roundtable (EP-229)

Topic 1:  Jeff thinks Brian should report on Indy 500!!!! Please (Brian thinks so too. 😉

  • How he prepped
  • What gear he needed
  • Special technique needed
  • Lessons learned

Midroll: Squarespace

Topic 2: Jeff (unless Jim has a better topic and I’ll save this for Photo Taco) – Sharpening in Lightroom  (Think I want to create a video of this for IP+)

  • Jim and Brian, what do you do with the 4 sliders in Lightroom for sharpening?  Do you use them all?
  • Develop module -> Detail panel -> Amount, Radius, Detail, Masking
  • For a long time now I have generically set the Amount to 75 and then held down the Alt key (Option key on Mac) and moved the Masking slider to the right until the white only showed on what it was I wanted to sharpen
  • There is so much more to it!  Have been doing a ton of portrait editing the past 3 weeks and I decided I really needed to figure out how to utilize all 4 of those sliders and I have figured out how to make them MUCH more useful.
    • First thing is that you have to use a computer fast enough to keep up with changing the view with the sliders.  If you have an underpowered computer and the image is not keeping up with you as you move the sliders, really hard to do this kind of fine tuning.
    • Be at a zoom level to see the entire photo and do masking.  Hold down the Alt key on Windows or the Option key on Mac and slide the masking slider to the right until the white is only on the area where you want sharpening to happen
    • Next, zoom into the photo 1:1 in an area where you want to control the sharpening, for these portraits I zoomed in on the face
    • Set the amount slider, again holding the Alt/Option key as you move to the right and you probably want to go to about 75 or maybe even 100 just to make it obvious how the sharpening is affecting the photo
    • Next do the detail slider.  Hold down Alt/Option again and everything in grey will not be sharpened.  For portraits try moving it to the left, for landscapes to the right
    • Next the radius slider.  Hold down Alt/Option and go left for landscapes, right for portraits
    • Last, zoom back out to see the whole photo again.  You may have some halos around where you sharpened if the amount is too high, so try it both with and without holding down Alt/Option take the amount down until the halos look gone.


  • App release is under ????
  • IP Retreat tickets on sale next week
    • Price $459
    • Location will make this trip much cheaper
    • Alumni and IP+ members get $50 off.  Check your networks.
  • Photo Taco contest to win one of three free copies of the incredible PhotoPills app??  To enter:
  • Post best landscape photo to Instagram from now through midnight Pacific on 6/13
  • Include hashtags of #phototaco and #photopills
  • Tag @phototacopodcast and @photopills on the photo
  • 3 winners will then be chosen at random and announced on the 6/20 Photo Taco episode

Doodads of the Week!


  • Jeff – Windows 10 Creator’s Update.  I know there are a lot of listeners who hold off upgrading their computers until they hear the all clear from me and I feel confident I can give that all clear for Windows users.  I still wouldn’t seek out the update if you don’t have it yet, but with this version Microsoft seems to have done a good job in keeping the collateral damage down and seems to be pretty good for most people.  Get prepped for another pretty large update coming in the fall.



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