Photo Taco – Take Your PhotoPills!

In Photo Taco Podcast by Jeff Harmon

Jeff Harmon is joined by Rafel Pons of the PhotoPills app team to talk about how photographers can learn to use the fantastic PhotoPills app:

  1. Best way to get started?
  2. Free, online videos are great ( but are there good cheat sheets available?
  3. Advice for photographers overwhelmed by the app?
  4. Most used feature?
  5. Least used but compelling feature?
  6. How to plan a shoot when you aren't at the location?
  7. What are PhotoPills Awards?
  8. What is PhotoPills Camp?
  9. What is coming for PhotoPills?
  10. Can we give away some free codes? YES!  You can enter to win 1 of 3 free codes for the app by posting your very best landscape photo to Instagram and adding hashtags #phototaco and #photopills to enter. Post must be made to Instagram between 5/30 5am Pacific (when the episode goes live) and 6/13 midnight Pacific. Winners will be selected at random.

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The hobbyist editor here at IT Professional by day, passionate hobbyist photographer ever other second possible. Living in Herriman, Utah. Loves trying to capture the beauty around every day and family portraits occasionally. Be sure to check out my portfolio at