IP Roundtable (ep-226)

Topic 1: Switching to the a7rii

  • Mostly just for fun and to learn another camera system
  • Low resolution and deep
  • Anxious to try out the a7riii once it’s out
  • How to switch without losing money
  • improvephotography.com/sellgear

Midroll: Skillshare

Topic 2: Real Estate Photography

Congrats to IP Plus member Nate Bell who captured an insanely gorgeous photo of his own proposal to his fiancee behind an incredible waterfall.


  • App release is under 30 days
    • IP Retreat tickets on sale next week
      • Price $459
      • Location will make this trip much cheaper
      • Alumni and IP+ members get $50 off.  Check your networks.

Doodads of the Week!


  • Jim: Screen protector (especially if Sony)
  • Kirk: Rhino slider



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