DJI Spark: Everything we know so far

DJI posted a new teaser video for an unknown drone, as well as details on the announcement:

“Join us at 11:30 am EDT on May 24, 2017 as DJI reveals, once again, the future of possible.  https://LIVE.DJI.COM

A striking departure from DJI's normal marketing videos which usually show people surfing on beaches and drones flying overhead, people flying off mountains in wing suits, etc–this video spends much more time showing actors reacting to the drone.  Why?  Because the video quality from the drone looks less than impressive.

The new drone is rumored to be called the Spark, an incredibly small drone for the masses.  Here is a roundup of the rumors of spark:

  • Will be available in black, white, and red.  Good, because I wouldn't have bought one if it came in just black and red 🙂
  • Controller will come in two different versions with a screen and without a screen
  • A new power connector to fit the small form factor, which explains DJI's patent on charging.  The connector is rumored to be a grid of four square gold contacts on the bottom of the drone, which presumably magnets to the connector.  The connector is likely a charging pad instead of a cord.
  • Sealed-in battery that is not swappable.
  • Two antennae instead of four (Source)
  • Very basic obstacle avoidance
  • Half the size and weight of the DJI Mavic Pro

My Predictions

The following predictions are not rumors at all, but are just my personal thoughts as to what we'll likely see in the Spark announcement.

  • $199 price point to truly hit mass market
  • 4k video at 30fps and 12 megapixel stills
  • 25 minute flight time due to the sealed battery and incredibly lightweight design
  • Bult for tremendous durability
  • Will not be geared toward photographers, but the mass market.


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