Latitude: The Travel Podcast (EP-6)

Topic 1: Brian – Bad weather.

Be Prepared – study seasons ahead of time

Stick it out!

Look for reflections

Stay under overhangs

Buy what you need

Be on guard for a break

Carpe Diem – unique opportunities

Topic 2: Brent – Catherine Johnson asked about Dealing with Customs (though her question was more targeted at international inquiries)
Process for registering camera gear for international travel?
Contact your local Customs and Border Protection office and physically take the equipment with you. You’ll need this form, CBP Form 4457.
I called the CBP at SEATAC airport. They want travelers to print out the form and fill it out. They will check it out and sign it or otherwise authorize it. Then you can go on your way and when you return, if there’s any questions, produce the form and you should be good to go.
Practically speaking this is only needed if you’re bringing a bunch of gear. When I ran into trouble with this I had about $15K of gear on me. If you’re traveling with less than $10K I’d assume you’d be OK.
I’ve never had problems when I’m traveling light.
I would assume that foreign customs officials would be “OK” with letting you into their country if you had one of these forms filled out since it shows intent to return with it and not sell it.
On that trip where I had the $15K of gear, I also brought in an ID card printer and about 200 USB drives. It was the DR and they didn’t even look at anything. They just waved me through.

Topic 3: Brian – Personal Project? Jeannette takes pic of graffiti.

Topic 4:

Dream Destination of the week

Brian – Moscow – Kremlin

Brent – Latvia

Connor – Verdun

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  1. Interesting information for traveling with your equipment. As far as the CBP Form 4457 be sure that you are using an updated version of the document. The link in the show notes is for a version that expired. Below is a link to the version that will be good until 2019. I don’t know if it makes any difference but when it comes to the government and their forms, better to be safe than sorry.


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