IP Roundtable (ep-220)

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Topic 1: Camera Survey

  • Brand
    • Canon – 43%
    • Nikon – 33%
    • Fuji – 10%
    • Sony – 10%
    • Olympus – 2%
    • Panasonic – 1%
    • Pentax – 1%
  • Sensor Size
    • Full Frame – 47%
    • Crop – 49%
    • M43 – 4%
  • Camera Age
    • Released in Last 2 Years – 18%
    • Released 2-4 Years Ago – 25%
    • Released 4-6 Years Ago – 43%
    • Released More than 6 Years – 14%
  • Most popular camera
    • Most Popular Camera – Nikon D750
    • 2nd Most Popular Camera – Canon 5DIII
    • 3rd Most Popular Camera – Canon 6D
    • 4th Most Popular Camera – Canon 7DII
  • 30% of Nikon Shooters Use the Nikon D750

Topic 2: Organizing photography gear

  • My office is always a MESS!  What’s your process when you come back from a trip?
  • Dump space
  • Smaller baskets

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Topic 3:  Printing options… Metal vs Canvas vs Acrylic

For huge prints I love canvas, but getting the floating frame adds a sense of value

For affordable prints.. I go with metal prints.. Easy and good image quality


Doodads of the Week!



    • Nick: Fstop – Anja bag


  • Stephen: grid it

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  1. If you looking for a great place to print including acrylic prints try Northwest Fine Art Printing (https://www.nwfineartprinting.com/). Apply for their “pro” account and get 20% off on all orders and $4.95 on all shipping.

    I did a 24 x 36 acrylic print and it was $221 including shipping. I have also had large metal prints and paper prints done by them. I’m not affiliated with them at all, just a satisfied customer.

  2. Hey,
    I don’t know if this will help with my personal unpacking, packing, finding and not losing stuff* struggles… but I’m hoping it will. You probably knew about this, right?


    *mainly live audio gear in my case, but doesnt really matter. The organizing issues seem very similar / the same 🙂

    btw Thanks for the podcast. Just a hobbyist shooter here, but you always share great ideas and advice which I can apply to my audio endeavors as well.

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