Q&A Facebook Group (EP-95)

Erica and Connor discuss some of the questions that have been asked in the Portrait Session Facebook group recently.

  • Martina Vaughn Villarreal  Hello friends, I got my first request to photograph a wedding out of state.  I live in Austin and the wedding is in Seattle. I am wondering, what should be included in my travel fees? I was thinking of just charging for my plane ticket only. Thoughts, or recommendations? Thank you so much!
  • Boden Eanes I enjoy listening to all the “IP” podcasts/videos! However, I am looking for events or workshop around my area and not having much luck finding anything. Advice or suggestions on where/how to look? (Portrait/modeling workshops, wedding workshop photoshoots, and so on). When I search Facebook for local groups, most of them are only people sharing their photos with each other. How do you guys hear about local workshops or events? Or is it just google-ing until you strike gold? Lol
  • Carl Stover I love using reflectors, but I have the problem that I blind the models – especially kids. The silver and gold ones seem to be too bright and the white one is not bright enough. Could be a good topic for a discussion on the podcast, or maybe it's already been done. I usually prefer flash as I don't get as many squints.
  • Tim Evans Portrait photographers, in casual portraits, do you worry about lighting patterns (e.g. loop, butterfly, Rembrandt), or is that something more for formal, studio portraits?  Another, related question: I can achieve lighting patterns when I light one person, but I can’t see how you can do that with multiple people in the photo. Do you try to use lighting patterns with couples and groups?
  • Andrew Christmann  I have a portrait session tomorrow for a two year old's birthday. Since the weather is so crappy here (not sure why I live here), we're going to do the shoot inside on a backdrop. I've never done a shoot like this before. Since there's little separation from the backdrop, am I better off shooting with my 85/1.8 at f/4.0 (or higher). I have three speedlights that should be able to provide plenty of light.
  • Rifat Bin Sharif  Hello everyone! Guys how would you manage to pose your female model on a outdoor session? I am having a lot of trouble. And as tomorrow will be my 2nd outdoor portrait session I want some tips from you guys! Help me out please.

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  1. Regarding using reflectors: I don’t think I heard anyone say to feather the light from the reflector like you would a soft box. Catch the light with the reflector and direct it toward the subject, then rotate the reflector back a few degrees to take the direct blast off of the subject. The light will always look better and you won’t blind the subject(s).

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