Latitude: THE Travel Photography Podcast (EP-2)

Topic 1: User questions:
Hans-Henrik Anderson asked about combining business trips with photographic interests. Tips on what to do and how to get effective photos, dealing with what you’ve got and with a tight schedule. Also, travelling light.
Brent’s Approach: I do this all the time. Conference attendance etc. I study the schedule and plan accordingly.
This is one reason I love night time photos.
Often times biz travel takes us to areas that are rather central. That’s a bonus.
Take advantage of public transport. I rarely rent a car. Public transport can take forever though, study maps and routes to see what’s possible with the timeframes you have to work with.
I’ll even stay out away from the venue if I know there’s a great location to shoot that I can stay at for less. Take public transport to the meetings etc.
Study up on what’s there, ask folks in the IP group or other photo groups you may be part of about what to do.
Brian’s suggestions (maybe take on the traveling light side of the question?):

Rick Steves audio tour,

Andy Fingland asked about keeping the gear safe in the hotel room when you’re out and about with the family [or maybe at the business meetings].
Brent’s Suggestion: Most hotel safes aren’t big enough to hold our gear and computers. I’ll do one of two things. I’ll either bring my PacSafe cable mesh bag and anchor it to something and then try and conceal it, or I’ll just put it in my luggage and close it up. Maids have no business getting into your stuff, and if it’s out of site, hopefully it’s out of mind too. Plus, I worry about the casual walk-in when the maid is cleaning. How do they know what I look like? They don’t, so anyone could come in and take anything off the desk. So if it’s put away there’s less chance of that happening too.
I’ve contemplated printing and laminating a photo of myself with a simple greeting and a “thanks” for cleaning the room. Maybe a tip too. Maybe I’m crazy.
Brian’s Suggestion:

  1. Take it with you
  2. Use “do not disturb” sign
  3. Check it in at front desk – at own risk
  4. https://store.ricksteves.com/shop/p/hidden-pocket for wallet/passport/etc
  5. Separate money into different spots
  6. Know the scams, Fake wallet, duct tape on camera, back up pics,

    Ryan Fiedler asked about minimizing costs to travel more often!
    Brent’s Suggestion: If possible, check out private accommodation. In Croatia is called “SOBE.” Not so common many areas. Was in Poland this last summer, expected to find private rooms for rent in small towns. Virtually non-existent. But they are popular in other less traveled locations.
    Airbnb is also a great option. Often way cheaper than hotels. Krakow, Poland, was awesome, $50 per night for an apartment that was about 1,000 sf.
    Public transport.
    Eat at grocery stores, not restaurants.
    Travel while you sleep. When in Chile I combined bus travel with sleeping times so I could save money, paying for both in one shot. Must travel light to work this one out.
    Brian’s Suggestion:

Topic 2: didn’t get to this. Brent – Catherine Johnson asked about Dealing with Customs (though her question was more targeted at international inquiries)
Process for registering camera gear for international travel?
Contact your local Customs and Border Protection office and physically take the equipment with you. You’ll need this form, CBP Form 4457.
I called the CBP at SEATAC airport. They want travelers to print out the form and fill it out. They will check it out and sign it or otherwise authorize it. Then you can go on your way and when you return, if there’s any questions, produce the form and you should be good to go.
Practically speaking this is only needed if you’re bringing a bunch of gear. When I ran into trouble with this I had about $15K of gear on me. If you’re traveling with less than $10K I’d assume you’d be OK.
I’ve never had problems when I’m traveling light.
I would assume that foreign customs officials would be “OK” with letting you into their country if you had one of these forms filled out since it shows intent to return with it and not sell it.
On that trip where I had the $15K of gear, I also brought in an ID card printer and about 200 USB drives. It was the DR and they didn’t even look at anything. They just waved me through.

Topic 3: Brent and Brian – Nevin Hilliard asked about geotagging images. Shooting with GPS enabled cameras. What to do if you don’t have a GPS in camera?
GPS logger, ensure compatibility with LR. Link to YT vid
Shoot street signs
Drag and drop images in LR map module
Why care about geo-tagging?

Dream Destination of the week

Brian – Anywhere in Hawaii!

Brent – Isle Royale National Park

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