IP Roundtable (EP-215)

Pre-Roll: Backblaze

Ireland was awesome.  More in the Latitude Podcast.

Topic 1: Jim – Sony RX100 v Review

  • 1” sensor
  • Image quality is truly impressive
  • 180 flipping LCD
  • No touch screen (face palm)
  • Battery is small
  • Slippery.  Needs anti slip pad.
  • Expensive
  • Exceptional in low light
  • USB charging is great!
  • Very sharp (check focal lengths)
  • Menus are sensible and easy to navigate
  • Audio quality Stinks


Topic 2:  Jeff – Canon W-E1 WiFi Adapter Review

  • Only works in 7DM2, 5DS, 5DS R
  • Should have been built in!
  • Have to do a firmware update to make it work
  • Ads a new option to setup menu on the camera
  • Takes SD card slot
  • Establishes a small WiFi network from the camera or join the camera to same wireless network as phone
  • Can’t use the camera while the card is active
  • No storage
  • Speed was fine
  • Thought that I had to write RAW+JPEG my first time using it, filled up the 128GB CF card at basketball game.  Allows you to download photo when shooting only RAW just fine

Midroll: Backblaze

Topic 4:  9 Reasons NOW is the time to buy a drone

  • Still image quality is “there” for the first time on a drone under $3k
    • Took as many portfolio shots as my still camera in Ireland
  • You can capture unique compositions that are otherwise impossible
    • Take locations that we’ve seen a million times and actually do something new there
  • Some locations more amenable to motion than stills, and this really gives a still image the cinematic look
  • Smaller and more portable
    • Great excuse for why they can’t green tag you
  • Vlogger’s delight
  • Safer/Lower crash risk
  • Easier to get pro looking footage now that they are so smooth
  • FAA rules
  • Affordability
    • Get one!
      • Go buy a DJI Phantom 3 Standard if that’s what you can afford.  GET ON THE DRONES WAVE!
      • Buy a Mavic if you have a little more budget
      • Buy a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus if you have more budget and don’t have portability issues.

New iTunes Artwork Next Week

Opening presentation will be the podcast

Somebody’s hair is gonna be pink

Writers hold off for me

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