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Pre-Roll:  Squarespace

Topic 1:

Topic 2: 9 Interesting Things about the DJI Phantom Pro Plus

  • Amazing for going places I wouldn’t have dared
    • Couldn’t see white vinyl fence against white snow
  • Magnetic interference on top of the temple
  • Image quality is better than expected.  
    • First phantom with publishable STILL image quality.
  • The screen is totally worth the cost
    • Super bright
    • Faster
    • All integrated
  • Never buy directly from DJI
    • Sale price wasn’t given to me
    • Took longer than other retailers
    • Still haven’t received rest of my order and no update
    • No tracking info
    • No extras
  • Binoculars for a spotter will probably save you money to prevent crashes
    • Doesn’t meet FAA
  • The DNG is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the JPG.  Not all RAW is equal, and this one is quite good.
  • Chasing geese is the holy grail shot for me 🙂

Topic 3: Things to shoot in the Bitter bits of Winter

  • Water features can be really beautiful in the winter time
  • Fewer tourists
  • Early sunsets
  • Areas that normally only get love in the summer months can provide very original photos
  • When it snows its much easier to find simple compositions.  And less can be more
  • http://www.jsharmonphotos.com/p266154664

Midroll: Squarespace

Topic 4: Plans & Goals for 2017

  • Imminently hiring someone to manage IP+
  • Imminently hiring someone to do marketing for photo location app (to be released in March)
  • IP is hiring 6 news writers to write news articles each day on the site.  Email me at jim@improvephotography.com if you’re interested.
    • Wish I had time to do this one 🙂
  • Jim’s goal is to stop chasing the next “nice” picture and do something new and exciting.  I’m tired of following the “landscape recipe” any my goal is to stop.
    • Storm chasing
    • SCUBA underwater shoot
      • http://homesteadresort.com/utah-resort-things-to-do/homestead-crater/
    • Jesse is shipping me to the unknown
    • Jerusalem
  • Jeff:
    • Panorama with day to night transition
    • High School Football
    • Increase reach of Photo Taco
  • Brian:
    • Workshops: locally and travel
    • Shoot more panoramas
    • Nail down my flash
    • Business – new logo, finances, bridal show

Topic 5: Darren Townsend “What’s the best platform for a photography portfolio site? WordPress?”

  • WordPress if you’re building an empire, are extremely proficient technically, and are willing to waste LOTS of time formatting photos and troubleshooting spam and such.  I can’t understate how much time you will WASTE fighting technology.
    • Whatever you do, don’t just grab a random theme from Themeforest.  You.  Will.  Hate.  Yourself.
    • Formatting photos on wordpress is a PAIN.
  • Choose Squarespace if you’re price conscious, want a gorgeous site with tons of features, and don’t plan to sell your work in an automated fashion from your site.
  • Choose Zenfolio if you want to sell your work in an automated fashion and are willing to sacrifice on price and pay a little more.
  • Choose PASS.US if you have a website on another platform and want to send photos to clients.  May not be necessary if you choose Zenfolio.

Doodads of the Week!

  • Jim: Hengedock 
    • Could MAYBE replace my iMac if the MBP gets faster specs
    • Really beautiful solution
    • Perfect for people who want a desktop but like the versatility of a laptop
    • Benefits of one machine
    • Huge screen for editing
    • Inexpensive
  • Brian: BlackRapid Double Strap 
  • Nick : Crampons:  Not just for snowy conditions  They work amazing on slick mud and logs as well.
  • Jeff: GeForce GTX 1060 Video Card ($210) 
  • Doorandom: Eero wifi 
    • Pricey sucker, but worth it if it works and lasts
    • Coverage is perfect for my house
    • Believe in Eero sticking with it more than Google

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  1. I think another good portfolio service is Adobe Portfolio. It is free if you have a Creative Cloud Photo Subscription. The service may not be the most flexible however I think it is great for a hobbyist that is just looking for something a little nicer than Flickr. My link below is an example however it is not fully populated.

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