Snapizzi – A Tool for Volume and Event Photographers

Event and volume photographers will tell you that after 4, 8 or even 10 hours on your feet taking pictures the hard work is when you get home and start sorting your pictures.  It can take 10 or more hours to cull and sort the images before they can be uploaded for the client.  Randy dela Fuente and his company Snapizzi have just the thing to speed up the post process significantly.

I recently got a chance to sit down in person with Randy, and discuss how Snapizzi can be of service to photographers. It was a good time and he has a great story about how Snapizzi came to be as a business.  It’s a good read and you can find it here https://snapizzi.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/the-story-behind-snapizzi/

If you are not an event photographer and want to know more about how this works I suggest you check out the Portrait Session Podcast episode 86 hosted by Connor Hibbs.  He breaks down a recent event he worked and how this is a great way to fill in “gaps” between portrait sessions and pay the bills.

Those of you who have read many of my posts will know that I am all about the business of photography.  Anything that can improve the workflow and reduce time saves money.  The more you save the better for your bottom line. I feel that for Event and Volume photographers Snapizzi can be another useful tool to reduce your workflow.

What is Snapizzi?

In their own words “Snapizzi makes it radically easy to post photos for online sales.” The majority of events ends with a single gallery of 100’s of images that the client has to scroll through to just to find their picture.  Snapizzi makes it easy for the client to find their picture instantly.  It is very simple, print out a set of cards that have a QR code and a unique lookup code.  Take a picture of the card with your camera then take a picture of the person, hand them the card and repeat.  When you get home you simply cull your images as usual making any adjustments needed.  When that is complete upload the final images including the pictures of the cards.  The system will read each QR code and know that any pictures following until the next card is found will belong to that person.

Taking a group shot?  No problem place a card for each person on the table and take a single picture of the cards.  Then take the group shot.  The system will again recognize it is a group of people and make it available to each person.

Seen the same person multiple times at the event? Again, no problem, simply have them hand you the card you gave them earlier.  Take a picture of the card then take their picture and hand them back their card.

When the attendee gets home they follow the link on the card and enter the unique code.  Every picture you took of them will automatically be displayed instantly.  No more searching through hundreds of photos just to find the 1-2 of them.  Were they part of a group shot? No problem that will be displayed as well if you took a picture of the card at the time of the group shot.  Now that the attendee can find their images in a quick and simple way you have a better chance of upselling them prints or digitals depending on your contract with the event.

A Sample of a ready to print sheet of 10 Business Cards

Event Photography

Event Photography is a very niche genre and as I mentioned above a great way to bring in extra income.  Snapizzi is an ideal tool that can help differentiate you from other Event Photographers when bidding on a project.

Volume – Schools

I am not a school photographer (yet) but the potential for Snapizzi to help out with this type of work is also a big benefit.  With schools you typically get all the student information ahead of time.  You can now upload this data to Snapizzi and create custom cards with the student info printed on each card.  As the student gets their picture taken you simply give them their card so they can take it home for any late or reorders the families want.

Volume – Sports

Volume Sports is Team and Individual pictures that I have written about in the past: https://improvephotography.com/39618/7-parts-successful-team-photography-individual-business/

One of the biggest issues volume sports photographers have is sales that happen after the shoot.  Volume Sports photographers rely on pre-pay sales where the player brings the envelope with the order on the outside and payment on the inside on picture day.  A good business person will take every players picture regardless of whether or not they place an order on picture day.  It never fails that a parent will contact you a few days later wanting to order pictures.  Or even better is you get that parent that was so happy with their pictures they want to order more.  Either way you have to manually search through all the pictures then place a small order with the lab for only 1 or 2 people.

With the Snapizzi it is simple – as you take each players picture hand them their card (which you should have also taken a picture of).  When you are done uploading your order to your lab you would then upload the cards and pictures to Snapizzi.  The players can then go to your website and search for their picture and then either place a late order or a reorder.  These will be handled online without any need for you to get involved.  A huge time and money saver.

Street Photographers

Street Photographers is another niche genre that Snapizzi can really help out.  Currently, most street photographers go out and take pictures around town.  Sometimes we even capture candid (or not) portraits of people on the streets.  These usually start (or ends) with the photographer walking up to them handing them a business card and asking for permission to take\use the image.  With Snapizzi instead of handing them a generic business card you can hand them a card with the Unique code on it that also allows them to see the final image you took.  Again, another opportunity to sell (or give away depending on your business model) a print or digital.

 Using Snapizzi

A few things to know when setting up a Snapizzi account.  Snapizzi is currently connected to 4 online photography services:

If you are already using one of these services then it is pretty seamless to integrate Snapizzi. If you are not already using one of these services then you will have to sign up for one.  Snapizzi is working with many of the photography services out there and they are looking to add new ones.  If you don’t see yours listed contact them and ask chances are they are working on it already.

I have an event coming up in late January where I will use Snapizzi on a real gig.  I will report back again on how this affected my workflow.

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  1. We do portrait studios at tradeshows and often times the person will lose the card we hand them with the URL to the photo gallery and they call us for the link. Is there a way to find a persons images if they lose the card?

  2. Hi there,

    Hi, I’m a school photographer and am looking for software to attach the QR code info to their photograph.
    I print my own QR cards for each child and photograph each card before each person.

    Can I just purchase the software rather than sign up to other sites as I want to add the photos to my own site?



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