Finding your voice with Art Wolfe (TP EP-38)

Finding  your voice with Art Wolfe

In a world with so many other photographers out there, being original and finding a voice of your own can be a huge challenge.  People can teach you the technical aspects, but they can't teach you how to be creative, how to be original, or how to find your way.  In this episode we talk to Art about the “next” steps of being a photographer.  Finding your voice, your calling, and direction.

The difference between looking and seeing

I would like to go down a rat hole of talking composition, a very difficult thing to talk about on an audio podcast, but lets give it a try.

  • Moving beyond the “rules of thumb”  does it stay formulaic? or does it begin to happen by feel and instinct.
  • What are you looking for before making an image.  Describe the pre-photograph thoughts when your creating an image.
  • The importance of story telling  (insert group rant here)  🙂

The catch 22 of influence

I have mentioned this on the show a bit, but I love to have art talk about the difference between being inspired by other photographers, and imitating them.  

  • The difference between influence and imitation
  • Influences from outside of photography?
  • When traveling to a new location (if there is such a thing for art) do you look at the work of others from that location, or do you want to go in with fresh eyes.

Finding a Calling or a Cause

I would love to talk about Art’s involvement with Conservation groups and conservation work.  And how valuable are work as photographers can potentially be to a good cause.

  • What conservation groups are you or have you worked with
  • What drew you to conservation, did photography lead you to it, or did it lead you to photography

Finding our mojo

We all go through times when we feel like we have plateaued, we arnt growing, and as a result just dont feel inspired to pick up a camera.  In those moments when we are not inspired, How has Art dealt with this in the past, to move on, and find inspiration and purpose for his photography.

Art’s website can be found here www.artwolfe.com

What other workshops or events do you have coming up?

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