Social Media for Nature Photographers (TP EP-36)

Social Media for Nature Photographers

With Michael Shainblum



Michael’s work can be found on his website, Instagram, and Facebook. I highly encourage you to check out his work and follow along as you listen to this episode

Briefly talk about when you got serious about landscape photography, the gear you currently are using, and preferred subjects and scenes.

Astrophotography and Nightscapes.

Michael is arguably best known for his stunning Nightscape photography.  We should save this for a entire future interview but let's go over some of your best tips shooting night scenes.

Tips for better Nightscapes

Common mistakes made by photographers when shooting astrophotography

Michael also had an excellent tutorial on post processing night photography that can be found here

Social Media for photographers

What social media platforms are the most relevant right now

  • 500px?
  • Flicker?
  • Facebook?
  • Instagram?

What are some of the most important factors when not only growing your audience, but keeping it.

Are paid or boosted posts worth the money.

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