IP Roundtable (EP-200)

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Topic 1: Jim – How to win photography competitions

  • Fundamentals must be absolutely perfect, because someone else will get them right
  • Techniques win!
  • No competitions with “likes”

Topic 2: Connor – Editing Practices: What do you guys do when you’re editing? Listen to music, watch a movie, listen to audiobooks/podcasts, work in silence? Have you tried to pay attention to speed and efficiency if you have tried multiple things?

Topic 3: Shooting “work for hire” vs freelancer

Topic 4: shooting everyday – how good is your phone?

Midroll: Squarespace


Topic 5: Connor – What is a cheap item that is not directly photo gear that you wouldn’t want to go without and why? My examples would be clamps for holding things or foam core/poster board to use as makeshift reflectors, snoots, flags etc.

Topic 6:

12 Minute Skill:  Timelapse

  • Stack in Lightroom so it doesn’t make a mess
    • Fake motion with Photoshop
    • https://improvephotography.com/42456/syrp-genie-mini-review/
  • Mike Olbinski for inspiration
  • Shooting in manual

Doodads of the Week!

Doorandom of the Week:


  • Washer on keychain as an always ready screwdriver



2 thoughts on “IP Roundtable (EP-200)”

  1. Congratulations on reaching the episode 200 milestone!
    Thank you, Jim, et. al. for all the tutorials and inspiration.
    Your efforts are very much appreciated and I would like to wish everyone continuing success in the future.

  2. In regards to the example of clothing companies not allowing chubbos to wear their clothes being a ridiculous example of something that would never work…it was actually a terrible example of the point you were trying to make.
    That’a actually a pretty standard thing for high end companies to do. They definitely do not design or manufacture clothing for people larger than they want wearing their brand.
    This is not only true in high fashion – it’s not fun shopping for cute, athletic or outdoorswear if you are a woman size 16 or more. It doesn’t exist. Columbia, Patagonia, etc…pretty mainstream companies…don’t make clothes much larger than the average American woman wears. Their largest sizes are made to fit the average woman.
    Or actually look at the brands of clothing in the ‘Plus’ section of your average Dept store…those clothes are not typically the largest sizes of common brands. They are made by less known brands that target that ‘niche’ market.
    Many clothing brands refuse to serve chubbos…and don’t seem to be suffering much for it.

    I disagree often – but still learn a ton and enjoy the show! Thank you for making it, and keeping your co-hosts diverse – I never miss an episode.

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