IP Roundtabe (EP-199)

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Topic 1:   The Traveling sports photographer

Nick spent the weekend on airplanes, and in airports, what do you do when you don’t get to sleep before your big shoot.  Shooting an NFL game with a fever.. A great time.  A quick discussion about travel tips.. And gear used to shoot pro sports

Images from the game for Jim   

Topic 2: Tips for Second Shooting a wedding

  • https://improvephotography.com/42468/16-wedding-photography-tips-second-shooters/

Topic 3: Learning something completely new and getting SUPER frustrated.

Topic 4: If someone is just starting out and want to get their first real professional lens, which do you recommend (that’s under $1,000, or even cheaper since they don’t have much)?

Midroll: Blurb


Topic 5: Popular pages sharing your work without tagging

Doug Baldwin of the Seattle seahawks shared one of my photos this week, he found it on facebook, downloaded it, and then shared it on instagram without tagging me… I got in touch with him and he added the tag.  That image now has over 22k likes. This image  on facebook as well

Topic 6: Photoshop 2017 Released Today


Doodads of the Week!

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  1. Jim, I contacted Blurb, asking about file preparation for printing their books (as in, printing always makes photos dark and flat). The reply said their feature that enhances photos is NOT meant for photos already processed in LR o PS. So, you either send them your edited photos AS IS (AS ARE?) or send them unedited and use their enhance tool. Comment!

  2. I’m really getting tired of you dissing on Lightroom constantly. It works fine on my computer with a huge library. Instead of constantly moaning, and in this episode you’ve even found a new moan (how dare Adobe find ways of making money!!!) how about you switch to something else? I don’t hear you moaning about the alternatives.

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