IP Roundtable (EP-198)

Topic 1:  Social media for photographers… is facebook really where we should be?

Nick has noticed a sharp decline in likes and interactions with photos both on his personal and his photography page, He is getting more on instagram.. A lot more even with a smaller following.  And will Instagram go the same route?

What about sites like 500px, flicker, twitter, guru shots, pixoto, and others?

Topic 2: Branching out to do types of photography you don’t normally do.

Connor: I recently got married and took my honeymoon in Maui. While I was there I took the opportunity to practice some landscape photography which is something I pretty much NEVER do, and I had a GREAT time! I never thought I could find such inspiration and rejuvenate my love and passion for photography by trying something I have previously always been rather disinterested in doing. Have you guys ever gone and tried a new type of photography for the sake of getting out of your ruts?

Topic 3:  Microsoft’s Answer to the iMac.  Worth it?



Topic 5: Shooting Next Level sports

Nick has recently shot some college football and this week will be headed to new Orleans to shoot an NFL game.  As Brian McGuckin has said before, it really is all about networking and relationships when it comes to getting your foot in the door.

The nice part of shooting college and NFL is that the lighting is better, the backgrounds are better, and you just get better shots.   

Midroll: Blurb (Connor just ordered an album from them!)


12 Minute Skill:  Photographing Lightning

  • Bulb–not 30 second timer
  • Darker exposure than you’d think
  • More difficult to put together multiple strikes than I’d imagined
  • White balance is almost never right
  • Doesn’t work IN the storm.  Wait until you’re just outside the storm.

Doodads of the Week!

Doorandom of the Week: Scotch Reclosable Fasteners


2 thoughts on “IP Roundtable (EP-198)”

  1. MAC/PC issue…

    I used to be a PC guy for many years. (I’m 44 and have been on computers since Commodore 64 and PONG!) I switched my entire digital lifestyle over to Mac beginning in 2008. It was the best decision ever! With PCs I always had to deal with crashes, drivers, blue screens of death, hardware companies blaming software companies and software companies blaming hardware companies and unless you are a PC engineer, these “stumbling blocks” can be disastrous. I bought a Mac Pro 3,1 in 2008 and maxed out the memory. I am STILL editing video and photos on this same machine!!! It is a little slower, yes, but if you have a PC, you are lucky to get 3 years out of it. It is THE MOST STABLE PLATFORM on the market. I’ve NEVER had a crash. I’ve had one hard drive burn out and one video card. Easily replaced. If you want to make an investment and not just spend money to burn, I’d recommend a MAC.

    BTW, I used to be one of those guys that made fun of Apple fanboys. I still won’t put an Apple sticker on my car 🙂 Now I have my Mac Pro, Mac pro 17″ laptop, ipad and iphone…long journey, but worth it.

  2. Also, I’m in internet marketing and you should definitely move people over to your website and be careful about playing on someone else’s platform. You can add social plugins like Buddy Press to your website and begin getting customers on your own platform. Just a thought. Everything should lead back to your website. Social platforms are just an outreach opportunity.

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