Sigma 24-35mm Lens Review

The Basics

For the last few weeks I have been using Sigma’s 24-35mm f2 Art lens for anything and everything. From events to interiors, and even some video. It is an interesting lens to say the least. It’s a versatile wide-angle, but the narrow zoom range was perplexing to me. I’m really curious to know what the purpose is for this lens, or who the intended photographer is. Perhaps someone looking for a 35mm fixed, but who could sometimes need a little wider angle. The 2.0 aperture is also obviously out of the norm and made me curious why Sigma chose to make it that way, especially when you consider that they have other 1.8 Art lenses in the same price range.

My expectations were honestly kind of low just for this lens. Although I shoot at a 24mm focal length often for interiors, I don't personally use a 35mm for much. But boy, did this beautiful lens blow me away!


The day I received the lens, the first thing that I noticed was its sheer weight. This thing is seriously a beast! It feels really well-made and it does not feel cheap at all. I don’t think there is a single piece of plastic anywhere but the lens hood.


The video quality is what ultimately sold me on it. It's so crisp, bright, and sharp. That alone made me want to keep it. I could see myself using only this lens for all my video needs.

Another positive I found while testing this lens is the focusing speed. It focuses so fast, and it is spot-on everytime! At one of the events that I was shooting, there were some children running around and I was able to keep up with them, no problem.

Finally, this thing is sharp! Like, ridiculously sharp. I put it up to bat with our 14-24mm Nikon 2.8 lens, and I was shocked by the results. Although there was more vignetting, and a little more curvature with the Sigma than the Nikon, the Sigma lens was actually sharper than the $1900 Nikon lens! Especially around the outside edges of the frame.


Other than the weight, I couldn’t find anything I didn’t appreciate about the lens. I would recommend it, and I would love to purchase it for myself. However, before I did that, I would want to compare it to another Sigma Art lens. Perhaps the 18-35mm 1.8. Which carries a similar price tag.



This review was brought to you Courtesy from Sandy Dorau

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