Photo Taco – Getting Beyond Amateur

Jeff Harmon answers a listener question asking for advice on how to get beyond the amateur results they have been getting.


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2 thoughts on “Photo Taco – Getting Beyond Amateur”

  1. Good podcast Jeff. I’ve been in video production for years, so I know lenses and what they can do. I know the exposure triangle and can take a technically good photo, BUT (you had to know the but was coming) I still have a hard time with two things. Number one is finding models willing to work on trade. Yes, I’ve tried Model Mayhem and many other web sources to find models (Model Mayhen does not work for me). Craigslist seems to be the only one that works, but the models aren’t really models. Number two is finding that pose or that production level for locations, backgrounds and that unique something that will levitate my work above where I am now. I’d love to produce big shoots like the Frank Doorhoffs or the Aaron Naces of the world with big composites and such, but alas I must start slow…
    Love your work. I’m a hobbiest too brother. Keep it up. Represent!!!

  2. Jeff: Awesome and honest answer to Joshua. You are right, he has a lot of company and I’m one of them. In my experience I get frustrated, I feel like I should be further along than I am. I think as adults we expect more from ourselves. Just watch kids, before they walk they fall down a hundred times and even get hurt sometimes, but they never give up. They keep trying until they can walk. In my experience practice and stretching myself helps me. Someone once told me you’re going to suck, just accept you’re going to suck and then just keep working at it and you’ll get better. I’m at the point now that some of the things I heard on podcasts, read in books or on line are starting to click for me. I think I’m starting to come out of my sucky stage, but I know I still have a long way to go! Hang in there and I’ll do the same.

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