Community Q&A (TP EP-33)

Tom Moors

Do you guys have any tips for how to stand out as a professional photographer when dealing with publishing (magazines/ travel) customers that we can sell to. Besides great photos how do you wow them to keep them coming back and referring you?

Angela Terrill Lavoie

Do you guys have personal projects? How do you find time? I am a hobbyist and with my day job and family, I find it so hard to find time to carve out just for my photography.

Kevin Jordan

What's the craziest thing you've done to get a landscape shot? Follow up question: Was it worth it?

Andrew Block

I'd like to better understand how to shoot at the sun and have the sun starburst. I try to use trees and the like to block the direct sun, but the bursts aren't coming thru like I think they should. I believe I'm supposed to shoot with a small aperture (i.e., high number F18).

Sarah Scully

How do you choose the size of your aperture when doing landscapes on a tripod? How small do you push it? F 11, 14, 18, 22… Does it depend on the lens quality?

Andrew Zaragoza

How do you achieve the photo of a person holding a flash light pointed up where you get the person, stars and the beam of light all in the shot? I would assume composites, but I've never did it before.

Brian Horne

How do you find locations to shoot in a new area? What features do you look for? Foreground, direction of sunrise/sunset? Accessibility?

How to you turn image searches into location to shoot?

Duško Pilić

Either of you considering the Mavic?

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