IP Roundtable (EP-195)

Pre-Roll:  Squarespace

This episode is brought to you by the Improve Photography Retreat in Phoenix, Arizona March 8-11, 2016.  (Mention that you’ll be there as well as the other hosts who will be there.  There are only 47 tickets left!


  • Matthew Gavin (IP+): How do I set up export presets?  My photos are exporting HUGE!
  • Mark Connors(IP+): iPhone 7 raw camera and editor
  • Tracy Munson: I'm a couple of weeks into a photo trip in Quebec and have developed a severe case of “telephoto elbow”. I can barely lift my coffee mug this morning, let alone my camera (ok, it IS a giant Bubba mug, but still). Has anybody else experienced this? What did you do? Anti inflammatories? Heat? Cold? Brace?
  • Lyndsey Nelson Wright: I just started using Instagram for my business this year and almost everyday I have other photographers like or follow me, which is great but I feel like something is up. They are all way way better than I am and have lots of followers. I am not even sure how they are finding me. What am I missing? Is there some benefit for them to follow random people like me?

Chad: Photographing Cuba

Midroll: Squarespace


Nick: 5d iv final thoughts

  • Iso performance is excellent
  • Focusing system excellent
  • Duel pixel shift…. A joke
  • For video its great for the casual shooter
  • The wifi and app is actually quite good

Doodads of the Week!

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