Bouncing Back from a Bad Shoot (PS-77)

Erica, Connor, and Nick share their ideas for the best way to bounce back after a bad shoot.

  • Erica
    • Evaluate what went wrong
    • Get creative
    • Look at inspiration
    • Do some yoga (or whatever gives you zen)
  • Nick
    • There not all going to go well and thats ok
    • You learn far more from a bad shoot that a great one
    • They can be a great catalyst for a much needed change
    • They make the good shoots.. Feel good
  • Connor
    • Do a shoot just for fun
    • Get the edits done and out as soon as you can so you can focus on the future.
    • Just keep in mind the things that went wrong and plan things out ahead of next shoot so the same thing doesn’t happen.

3 Minute Reviews

  • Nick: first wedding shot with the 5d mark IV
    • Much improved autofocus (including illuminated focus points)
    • Very nice high iso images
    • The extra programmable buttons are nice
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