IP Roundtable (EP-191)

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  • le now pretty much since I started (ok ok, I really started with a Nikon d3200 but quickly outgrew it and moved into the world of mirrorless and I don’t see myself jumping ship for a long time.) Does anyone have any advice as to how I can achieve this vision of mine? Im aware that they don’t receive free gear and in most cases they aren’t really paid per se. I simply just want to be “on the team” and receive gear from time to time to test out and review.
  • Jeremiah Johnston – If I give a real estate agent a free session as a promotion to gain their future business, can the revenue I would have normally charged be written off for tax purposes?
  • Wanted some feedback: I am looking to buy a f 2.8 70-200mm for my Nikon d810 but they are pricey, if you go the Nikon route. Anyone use the tamron or the sigma? How do they compare, should I just bite the bullet or get a used Nikon lens? I have a sigma art prime lens but have read mixed reviews comparing the Nikon with the sigma 70-200…
  • Mark Connors – Question about shooting portraits for couples. What would be the best way for me to get a good shot of them if I want the guy for example to lean in and whisper in her ear or if I want to get a laughing shot but don’t want them to hold completely still and look stiff, just more natural and I can just fire away. Would I use back button focus with continuos shooting, One shot Autofocus with continuous shooting or AI servo with continuous shooting?
  • Jonathan Betancur – Im looking to add another camera body to my arsenal of gear, as well as a lens. So with this post id like to ask if anyone knows any of the pro and cons of the FUJI xpro2 and of the FUJI Xt2, also how do they differ from each other?

Sandy Dorau

  • I’m going to tread lightly here, because I know this is a hot-button issue for a people, and I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m bashing anyone’s brand.
  • I can only speak for myself and my experiences.
  • Customer service is a really big deal to me, so I switched from Canon to Nikon after a really bad experience with their camera repair department.
  • So last month, when I needed to send a lens to Nikon for repair, I had a tremendous amount of anxiety about it.
  • I pre-emptively rented a lens, and kind of expected the worst based on my experience with Canon.
  • But boy, was I wrong. I dropped the lens off at UPS on a Friday, and got it back the VERY next Friday. Exactly ONE WEEK?!
  • I talked to two customer service reps from Nikon, once to confirm they received it, and once to pay for the repair, and they were both so nice and accommodating. Seriously night-and-day from my experience with Canon.
  • The reason I want to share this is with everyone is because I felt like I was lost when I needed to repair my camera the first time. I didn’t know what to do, or how the system worked. Now, knowing what I know, I really feel like switching to Nikon was a really good move for me.

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Laryssa Gobets

  • Running your business from the other side of the world.
    • Technology and being able to have an internet connection whereever you go is a crucial part of being in business for yourself.  Between facebook and posting on social media having that capability is one of the best things.
    • I was able to post to social media
    • Text and answer email
    • Post on my blog
    • Schedule shoots

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  1. In my Google Maps app on Android under “your places” there is a tab for maps where I can load maps I’ve saved for road trips, account locations and such.

    For family road trips I’ve used roadtrippers which allows you to set a route and then choose a distance off that route to search for points of interest. Not so much for planning a photo trip bit great for finding things along the way of a route you are already going for another reason. In my case it’s usually a trip to visit family members out of state.

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