IP Roundtable (EP-187)


  • Andrew Block “I'm curious are folks still using Pixoto, 500px, and Flickr or is everyone just having fun on Instagram?”
  • Ron Lawrence: “I need some advice. I'm beginning to need storage outside of my internal hard drives, but there is no way that I can afford a Drobo. What are some other options.”

Connor’s Segment: It is always a great learning experience to sit and watch other professionals do the thing you do.

I attended a wedding recently for the first time since I started shooting them and it was a great learning experience that served to show me ways to do certain things I had either never considered doing, or had at least stopped doing and forgotten the practice of. An example of this was the outstanding communication between the photographers and the DJ. The DJ even helped to pose the bride for a fake bouquet toss before the real thing to get a better picture.

The experience also showed me some not so happy things that reinforced my beliefs in the way wedding coverage should be done.

In an absolutely gorgeous outdoor setting My fiancee and I arrived to see the primary shooter standing up by the altar. We sat down and I proceeded to watch and grit my teeth through the photographer not taking photos for over a half an hour. We were near the edge of a pond, very nearby the flower girl was playing in the grass next to the pond with her father and brother, an adorable shot. The photographer looked over and didn’t snap a photo. Some parents had their kids go pose with a group of other children right next to the photographer and she still didn’t lift her camera. This just broke my heart because these were all incredible moments that could have been excellent additions to an album or additional prints sold to the friends and family of the couple, but instead they were lost forever.

Long story short, it has become incredibly hard not to direct for the sake of photography on a wedding day. I am glad I was able to be a silent observer of a wedding, and it was a great reminder for me that others will notice the way you work on a wedding day!

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Laryssa’s Segment:

How far ahead to you prep.

I will typically start thinking of what I need to bring about a week or so in advance.  There are various iphone apps where you can create a packing list.

The most important thing to do is to make sure you have all of the little things.  When we went to St Maarten I had rented a camera and didn't grab the plate for the tripod from my main camera hence I had to do everything handheld or on something.

More than likely if you forget something it is going to be something small not something big.  A charger, a memory card.  You should make a list of what you need and keep it as a running list until you leave and check things off of the list as you put it in the bag.  

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6 thoughts on “IP Roundtable (EP-187)”

  1. Woah woah woah. If people are insisting on cheap they get exactly what they paid for. If they come at a photographer with the ‘my budget is $500 for my wedding’ they have to accept that they will be missing out on something. The ‘I only need a couple of pictures of the ceremony’ bargaining position does NOT entitle them to more of another persons time because it’s a wedding and they might miss out on something. They choose to go cheap, they get exactly what they pay for, and if they whine that the photographer left at the contracted time will lead me to laugh in their faces.

    As to 8x10s and wallets. Yeah people still buy them. And I do talk to my clients about copying them and the legalities related to them along with the fines and damages I will pursue if I catch them making copies. I nip this in the bud by providing watermarked social media files for any print purchased, mark the metadata for usage is web use only, and let my client know flat out these are not for printing. If they decide to go to Walmart and print, and Walmart goes ahead and prints the images, my beef is with Walmart and I will be seeing them in court. They have the ability to go after my clients for making false legal statements with their cute little liability waiver button they have before someone prints which means nothing. I don’t care Walmart knows they have to have written permission from the copyright owners to make copies, it’s on them at that point.

    As to the race to the bottom, to hell with that. If a prospect comes at me with ‘well so and so will do it for $25 and give me a disk’ or ‘every other photographer I’ve used gave me a disk and did the whole session for $25’, I respond that my rates are my rates, photography is a luxury, they at a luxury studio and my rates are non negotiable. I know what my CODB is and I can’t afford to waste hours of my time for $25 making less than minimum wage.

    If they try to negotiate about prints, claiming they can get prints at Walmart for less than I charge, I will tell them that sure they can purchase completely blank photos because Walmart will NOT be printing my images. The digital image is a photographers most valuable property, they need to stop giving it away for nothing. If they are they’re destroying the industry by making every photographer lose income proving themselves to be fauxtographers.

  2. You talked about using Instagram, how do you post to instagram? specially if you are not shooting with a phone? I love the show, keep it coming.

    1. On the instagram question, I use two Mac apps (both paid – don’t recall the prices, both under $10) – “Uploader HD for instagram” – I take my exported photos out of LR (2048 long edge), and it supports both square and rectangular aspect ratios – very cool 🙂

      You can view instagram with an app called “Grids for instagram”

      Hope that helps!


  3. Backblaze – Beware!

    I hear backblaze mentioned as a cloud-based backup solution. Please be aware that if you delete files from the location they were backed up from (even if you put them on another drive – I think, because they are no longer where they were backed up from), backblaze will remove them from the online backup after 30 days. I was using backblaze, but read a horror story about a photographer who lost a bunch of photos because he wasn’t aware of this policy.

    Because of this – I switched to crashplan, which will back up an entire computer (including external drives). It costs about the same as blackblaze, and will NOT delete your backed up files ever, according to their site 🙂

    Here’s the delete policy on backblaze’s website: https://help.backblaze.com/hc/en-us/articles/217666688-What-Happens-If-I-Delete-A-File-From-My-Computer-



  4. Backblaze update : oops , guess I should have read the related posts on their site. It appears if you move a file to another drive, it will be kept and the server will be updated with the new path, as long as the destination drive is included in the backup. So my previous post is only valid if you just delete your files in place after they are backed up

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