The Importance of Mood in a Photograph (EP-29)

The Importance of mood in a photograph

A lot of times our photographs lack emotion and mood, and for that reason they lack impact.  In this episode Nick Page and Enrico Fossati sit down and talk about the importance of Mood and emotion in our photos.

Introduction to Enrico, including where can people see your images and follow along.

Why is mood important

What to look for when we are shooting to help and emphasize the mood

What types of conditions and weather help portray mood

What kinds of creative approaches in editing can be done to add mood and impact

Where can people go to see more of your work, workshops and tutorials.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Mood in a Photograph (EP-29)”

  1. Thanks for fixing that, guys!

    Man, I hope I can save some cash after upgrading my camera this year to join you guys with Enrico and Erin out in the Dolemites! My family on my dad’s side is from Malgolo in the Val Di Non region that is in the area of the Italian Alps near the Dolemiti and when we go out there to visit family and see the Apple orchards I will have to make time to get out to the Dolemiti with my camera!

    Starting to think our family plan to purchase an apartment out in Malgolo for the family is turning into a plan for a photography headquarters for us to get out to the Dolemiti!

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