IP Roundtable (EP-185)

Pre-Roll:  Improve Photography Plus!

Questions of the Week:

  • Kevin Jordan – I’d like to record a basic video of the wedding ceremony for my friend’s wedding.  What cameras, settings should I use, and what about audio?


  • Lr for apple tv

Midroll: Brent Rents Lenses: This episode is brought to you by a fella named Brent who rents lenses. His website is BrentRentsLenses.com. Brent is always happy to provide the advice you need when you need it. Use offer code “improve” at checkout for 15% off your first rental.

Brian:Organizing and saving raw files. New website.


How To Keep Things Organized

With having a full time job, shooting on a regular basis and reading and writing blogs how do you keep things organized.


  • Photography
  • For my photography business I use Pixifi.  I know Jim had tried it once before and didn't like it.  I'm not a power user but I like to keep myself organized using it.
  • I keep appointments in here contracts, questionnaires and client information.  Also, you can use it to track expenses, I don't use that part.
  • I also keep track of my annual calendar sales and profits and loss.  I can keep track of how much I spent and how many I sold and if I made a profit.
  • Blogs I put reminders on my calendar for my now weekly blog and I also put topics I know I will do in as an event.
  • Blogs I read
  • I use newsify which is kind of what google reader was to bring in all the blogs I follow into one place so that I can read them at night.  If there is something I want to read later I just star it so I can go back to it later.  With Newsify you can separate your blogs into categories.  I have travel, money and photography
  • Miscellaneous things
  • I use Microsoft One Note (for mac)
  • One Note is notebook you can use.  I have several Vacation Planning,  my Photos By Laryssa Notebook  (which Incudes all things photography)
  • You can have sections and pages.
  • In my photography one I have  Improve Photography to keep track of idea topics and doodads
  • In my St Augustine Camera Club I am a member of the critique committee so I keep track of the photos I critique each month I have a tab for each month and a page for each photograph.

You can create as many sections, pages and notebooks as you like.  You link other documents, create check lists and link web pages and add photos.  This might be good for tracking things you want to shoot.

As a bonus this is available on mac, windows, ipad, iphone and android (and I'm pretty sure windows phones) and you can sync it across all the devices and share with others also.

Doodads of the Week!

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