IP Roundtable (EP-183)

Questions of the Week:

  • First note: discussion last episode about batch processing in Lightroom and I just wanted to plug a Photo Taco on the topic. Just google “photo taco fast Lightroom editing”
  • Angela Norton: “I would love love love it if the hosts for the podcasts had links to their websites, or even an IP bio page, in the show notes.” Contact info in show notes for hosts
  • Sarah Scully: I need some thoughts from you guys! I upgraded to full frame (Canon 5d Mkiii) recently, but the only L lenses I have so far are an older Vivitar 19-35 Lens and the Canon 28-70 F2.8. I have the opportunity to buy a used Canon prime 300mm L F4 lens. It doesn't have IS, so hand holding is not the best. He's asking $500. He let me take it on vacation last week and I liked it all right, but even outside the focusing is kind of slow. Unless the object was still, the odds of me getting a sharp shot were pretty low. I know I need to expand my lenses, but I can't decide if I should save my $ to invest in a 70-200 2.8 or if this option is too good to pass. Thoughts?
  • Brian Duncan: Question?? Have an iMac, every time I turn on my computer Adobe CC says it requires update? I do but the it closes and can't be found? Restart its back asking to update again???? Can still use Lightroom and PS so I don't know what's going on???
  • Dustin Graffa: Sensor needs cleaning pretty badly. I've never done it before. Bit nervous about it, but I've heard enough about how easy it is that I don't want to pay to have it done…or wait. I know Jim Harmer is all about pec-pads. Can someone with experience help instruct or share a link. What do I need to buy? Steps? Thanks!

Jeff: – Check frustration levels with Lightroom with Sandy and Laryssa

    • July 6, 2016 Joel Weisbrod posted to the Adobe Lightroom feedback forum something he titled “An Open Letter to Adobe
      • I have come to think of the folks at Adobe as either brilliant aliens or exceptional humans – not sure which
      • With every fix of three bugs, it seems you introduce five new bugs, breaking things that worked before. Every few weeks, the features change, the display is different, a new way to access tools (like refine edges) just shows up.
      • You at Adobe may think this is great but out here in the “Trying to do business” world we are tired of the constant learning curve, whether we want it or not, whether we have time for it or not, whether it works for our workflow or not, and on and on and on.
      • Pause here and ask if this is how Laryssa and Sandy feel
      • First of all SLOW DOWN! Do not send me an update so you can tell the world how many updates and changes you made. First, MAKE IT WORK PROPERLY!!!! Send it out for more BETA TESTING. I will wait the extra 2-3 months for an update if it WORKS when I get it. I am sure everyone would rather have slower update time-frames with fewer new bugs (e.g. Lightroom Memory Leak).
  • Pause
      • Second, stop changing the program every month! Send bug fixes once they are fully tested and working properly without introduction of new problems and wait 18-24 months for new version upgrades. Many of us teach classes in Photoshop and Lightroom and this is making our students hate Adobe. As they are trying to learn, Adobe introduces some drastic changes making it nearly impossible to learn the software (e.g. Refine edges and “Select” menu).
  • Pause
  • July 10, 2016 an official response was made by Jeffrey Tranberry, whose title is “Chief Customer Advocate”
    • Hi folks, I wanted to reply and say we're following this discussion and are sympathetic to your concerns. We've been having recent, ongoing discussions within our product teams about how to best pace releases – balancing feature work, bug fixing, polish and architectural improvements. Many folks on the digital imaging team are out out on holiday this week, but we hope to have a broader discussion/response in the upcoming week(s). Thanks for the feedback and honesty.
  • Victoria Bampton, who has title of “Champion” in the forums and is known as the Lightroom Queen (incidentally going to be on Photo Taco with me at the end of July to talk Lightroom):
    • PS only has to do the job once on the pixels that are already computed.  LR runs and reruns  series of instructions to do the same job because it's a metadata editor.  There are pros and cons to both options.


Laryssa: When you have a new camera practice, practice, practice.  When you get a new camera take it out for a test run.  One of the first things (besides reading the manual) is to try it out.  With the new A6300 I set it for back button focus but I was taking pictures and not using that.  Thankfully, I only took a few photos incorrectly.  With the different dials and things in different places it took a little getting used to.   I keep changing the settings dial instead of the aperture.  I now have the camera set up the way I think I want it but I won’t know for sure until I take it out and start shooting with it some more.  I need to test the focus and the ISO so I need to go out shooting at night to see what it does when i raise the ISO.  


  • Since we are on the subject of processing programs, Capture One Pro 9 is definitely something worth looking into. I was using Lightroom exclusively when I started working at the commercial photography studio, so I was not so eager to learn a totally new, and more complex system (and it is VERY different). I’m still getting used to it. We briefly touched on it in the past, but here is my very quick opinion of it:
  • Tethering is lightning fast. Lightroom was so frustrating to me when it came to tethering.
  • The sliders produce significantly different things than they do in Lightroom. “Brightness” is similar “Exposure” in Lightroom. But I mainly use the curves, which are similar from what I can tell. It takes a lot of getting used to, and I’m relatively new to using it, so I am learning something new everyday.
  • There are a lot more “pro”-centric features that are right there on the GUI (or GUI form. Jeff, help me out here). You can also move any tool out of the window, and put it in another window. It’s so easy to customize. So I always have: the sharpness viewer, camera info/controls, filing naming (I have to change the name of each product I photograph), and curves displayed right there by my image.   
  • People say it’s sharper out of camera, and some say it’s too sharp. I haven’t done an in-depth comparison.
  • There is a 30 day free trial, and I would say it takes that long just to get used to it. There are many learning resources online from what my friends tell me.

Doodads of the Week!

Doorandom of the Week

  • Apple Watch. Jeff just got one to replace his beloved FitBit Surge (charging issues). Nick has talked about needing to lose weight to be better ready to climb mountains and Jeff is one the same quest.

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  1. Sensor cleaning. Be CAREFUL you done scratch your sensor with your fingernail! You reach into the camera a long way with your finger…very easy to push your fingernail into the sensor. I did it…ruined my sensor. Had to send camer to Nikon for a new sensor.

  2. James, how much did it cost, if you don’t mind me asking of course? I’m new to Nikon and haven’t had to send anything in for repairs (yet).

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