Post-Wedding/Event Workflows (PS EP-68)

Erica and Connor share their post-wedding/post-event workflow system, including uploading, culling, and editing.  For more details about the post-wedding workflow system that won’t make you crazy, as well as links to some amazing resources and tools, check out Erica’s recent 2-part blog post series here and here.

Things to do before/during the wedding to make this part easier:

  • Connor – Make sure to sync the time between cameras. I always forget to do this when working with or as a second shooter.
  • Erica – sync, shoot on 2 memory cards, have a good image/file organizational system

Step 1:

  • Erica – back up
  • Connor- I have learned that taking a little more time in the uploading process can save a lot of time in the editing process.
  • Connor –  Rename files for events and by card/camera.
  • Make some general adjustment presets you can apply when uploading photos.

Step 2:

  • Erica – cull in Photomechanic
  • Connor- After upload cull through images. My method for events is 2 passes.
    • First set a filter for unflagged photos and go through all the photos using a pick or reject flagging method.
    • Pick anything and everything that is potentially usable.
    • On a second pass select the flagged filter and go through all photos rating them on a 2,3,4 basis.
    • 2’s get tossed 3’s can stay as filler and 4’s are my favorite shots.
    • Depending on how many 4’s I have I may do another pass separating them into 4’s (pretty good) and 5’s work I want to show off.
  • Now I will go through and adjust the presets to improve their appearance.
    • Do a general tweaking pass over
    • Then a more refined pass to apply a little more. Graduated filters, spot removal, etc for higher rated images.
  • Make one last pass over the highest rated photos grading them with colors 6,7,8 on the keyboard for red, yellow, green
    • Now I am looking for a handful of images to round trip to use as showpieces in my album design

Step 3:

  • Erica – move culled images into LR, custom preset applied upon import

Step 4:

  • Erica – 5 day editing process broken down into bite-sized pieces

Check out the blog posts for more ideas about sharing images with clients, designing and ordering products, following up, and asking for reviews!

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