In Person Sales (PS EP-65)

Connor sits down with Chris Scott to discuss in person sales.

Master and teacher of In Person Sales Chris Scott

Tell Me a little about yourself and what it is that you do.

  • Tell me about In Person Sales and how that differs from charging a flat session fee and providing digitals and printing rights.
  • Do certain types of shoots warrant IPS while others might not?
  • Obviously a large portion of in person sales comes down to being able to make a profit for our businesses, but does that mean we are being “the slimy sales person”?
  • How can we be more responsible as photographers to ensure we do not make our clients feel like we have given them a bait and switch?
  • Can you give us any other tips on how listeners interested in moving towards this system can make a switch from their current Shoot and burn style?
  • Tim Evans: How do we counter objections to In Person Sales with the profileration of shoot and burn photographers?
  • What are other tips, tricks, concerns someone interested in in person sales should be aware of?
  • Does this work for albums as well?
  • Swift Galleries is an incredible resource for photographers doing in person sales for wall art. My experience in using it has been great for showing clients true to life mock ups of their finished wall galleries.
  • Can you tell us a little bit more about the software?
  • Price $15 a month, and with their latest release they are integrating a system that can be used world wide!

Questions from Portrait Session Facebook Group

Aaron Taylor: As someone who does paid portrait photography as a side business, what is the best way to use my already limited time for in person sales? What would you recommend as a focus for IPS? Are certain products more worthy of attention? And how do you schedule your appointments so as not to use up time you might be out photographing clients? IPS seems like a no-brainer for a full-time photographer. What should the weekend warriors do?

Janet Schill: I am only a part timer so I don't want to invest in pro select and projection so I just show the proofs on my laptop at my dining room table and of course show the clients samples of the products I sell.

Nick Macdonald: Feels uncomfortable withholding digital files and feels like we should be charging using a pricing structure based on actual work done. “If I have made the photos to a state I am proud of, why wouldn’t I give them to a client?”

Follow up with your work:

Where can we find out more about Swift Galleries?






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  1. Excellent show, but there is a huge volume disparity between the guest and host. To keep from blowing out my speakers or not being able to hear, I had to hold the volume knob in my car and adjust between each dialogue exchange. Finally had to turn off the show.

    I’m sure it’s mostly a post production issue. Other than the volume, I always appreciate the content! Good job everyone.

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