SEO & Blogging with Ben Turner (PS EP-60)

Erica and Connor chat with Ben Turner about SEO, how to improve it, and how blogging affects it.

Ben Turner:  Ben is an SEO expert and educator based in Dallas, TX where he lives with his wife, Alyssa, who is a wedding photographer.  Ben has used his SEO knowledge and background as a professor and Director of SEO to help photographers around the world better understand and implement SEO.  He’s presented at WPPI, United, and in various podcasts, as well as written for Showiteers and various online magazines.  He’s currently revamping my site and teaching me his SEO ways.

  • What is SEO
  • How is SEO important
  • How important blogging is to SEO
  • 3 Blogging for SEO tips for photographers
  • I.P. offer (fuelyourphotos.com/improve)

Main SEO Services Site: www.turnerwebservices.com

Community & SEO Resources Site: www.fuelyourphotos.com

Special offer for Improve Photography audience: www.fuelyourphotos.com/improve

Google Keyword Planner Tool


Social Discover – Buzz Sumo


Competitor – Moz OSE Top Pages


Google Article On Hiring An SEO Expert


2 thoughts on “SEO & Blogging with Ben Turner (PS EP-60)”

  1. Outstanding episode (just getting caught on my podcasts)!
    So many good tips and resources, guest Ben Turner was very informative.
    Definitely taken advantage of the offers and links in the show notes.

    Thanks so much for this episode. I hope you invite him back in a few months for a follow-up.

  2. A mutually beneficial solution to the difficulty is broken link building. Google does not desire to rank doorway pages in their search rankings. Social Media Marketing is a growing and advantageous entity for any enterprise, with over 2 billion active social media users all over the world.

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