Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-172)


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Jim: 5 Things I Learned This Week

  • Difference last trip to this one.  WAY better pictures.
  • The AF on the Sony A6300 is not as fast as the Fuji XPro2.  X Pro 2 has better autofocus than a DSLR.  First mirrorless camera that has even come CLOSE to that.  Testing with kids.
  • The Fuji 10-24 is the bane of my existence.  Not on lens roadmap.  Blow drying in hotel.
  • SOOOO many landscapes are missing the “soul” of the shot.  Include a person, a boat, a cactus, a rock, whatever.
  • A wet lens ruined two of my favorite compositions


Slowing down, and getting accustomed to more time for the shot

Less is more.. I only used two lenses

Pack your coat in your carryon

Nick :  Why every photographer should visit iceland at least once

  • The light
    • The light lasts forever this time of year.. Forget about golden hour.. Its more like golden three hour, and the sunsets last forever giving you more time for compositions
    • The sky is always changing.. Sometimes for the better, sometimes to crush your hopes but it keeps you on your toes and is fun to shoot in.
  • The people
    • Everyone speaks english and is very friendly and helpful, they are used to dealing with lost americans
  • The subjects
    • The island is just packed with photogenic mountain peaks, glaciers, icebergs and even raindier

Doodads of the Week!

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  • Nick: Canon 70-300mm L  for Landscape photographers

87 thoughts on “Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-172)”

  1. I’m throwing some krona in my pocketfull of pennies that i use as screwdrivers for my quick release, they’re the perfect size and ought to remind me of the most inspiring place I’ve ever been. A free tripod key wouldn’t be bad either!

  2. Ian Hutchison

    I loved hearing about your trip to Iceland. I’m definitely putting it on my travel list!

  3. Awesome podcast as always. I would love for you guys to do more of these types of podcasts over on Tripod. Yes it is awesome to read the articles that you list on the site but you get a lot more from hearing you guys talking about these trips. Would be helpful even if you just dedicated future shows to specific locations. Hawaii, Oregon coast, etc. Even if you have done them in the past you can apply things you have learned recently to those locations. Maybe even a show that you pick a location and walk us through how you scout that location to see how it differs from how your viewers. I’m often time visiting places on vacation with family that I’m not able to physically visit ahead of time. I’ve gotten good at it but would love to get more tips from you guys.

  4. Nice Podcast this week. Currently a trial member of IPP, just curious how often content will be added? If I have some feedback on training, what is the best way to provide this feedback?

    Also, I am considering in the near future the Mentorship Program, but I am really unclear of the structure. I am just trying to understand what comes along with the Mentorship Program beyond the dedicated and focused attention of one of the members of IPP. I certainly understand that there is flexbility in this situation and probably between Mentor and Mentee, but what are some examples of how this is working with other students? What are the mentors doing to help challenge the students?

  5. Enjoyed this podcast and the timing of its airing! My daughter and her husband are celebrating their 1 year anniversary in Iceland right now. She was texting me pictures of the ice beach this morning as I was listening to the podcast. I must go to Iceland now! Thank you for all the tips I have been learning through this podcast and Tripod!

  6. I am not a landscape guy. I don’t even like being outdoors. but your description of Iceland has me wanting to go.

  7. Iceland sounds like an awesome place. You should post a map of of all the places you visited while on tour. Keep up the great work.

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