2 thoughts on “Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-170)”

  1. Hi
    Talking about noise reduction, my job is write analysis software to check the quality of Space CCDs in manufacture and one of the analysis methods we use a lot is, dark image subtraction.
    Firstly the dark image needs to be collect as close to, timewise, to the photo.
    Needs to have an integration time the same as the photo.
    And when it is subtracted, it is only removing device dependent noise and not random noise.
    An example of this is where some of the pixels tend to be lighter in the dark, than the other pixels and therefore that area will be lighter. Subtracting the dark image will make that area have the brightness as all the other pixels.

    Most of the noise you see is random and this will not be reduced by this method. To over come this noise we take lots of images and average them together and this is not practical when taking photographs.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Love your podcast, but the audio quality was off today for your new host. It was very difficult to understand him. I know you’ll get it fixed.

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