Getting Creative with Speedlights (PS EP-54)

In Portrait Session Podcast by Jesse Park

Nick and Erica chat about ways to get creative with speedlights and modifiers and explain how they lit some of their favorite OCF photos.

1 light set up

1 speedlight in a 36” octobox

1 speedlight with MagBounce

1 speedlight. 24” octobox just over head, then masked out using a second frame

1 bare speedlight behind the couple shooting back at the camera

1 speedlight in MagSphere

2+ light set up

1 speedlight full power, overhead in a 24” softbox

3 speedlights
1 hitting barn, 1 adding rimlight, 1 in a 43” umbrella over head,
then masked out using a second frame

Both speedlights = bare

Bare speedlight behind, Key light = 1 speedlight with MagSphere

1 speedlight on either side of camera at different
powers shooting through white sheets

3 speedlights.. Two bare backlighting smoke, 1 gelled
with 2 full CTO gels, shooting through a 24” softbox

Creative Gels

2 gelled speedlights

2 gelled speedlights

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