Getting Creative with Speedlights (PS EP-54)

Nick and Erica chat about ways to get creative with speedlights and modifiers and explain how they lit some of their favorite OCF photos.

1 light set up

1 speedlight in a 36” octobox

1 speedlight with MagBounce

1 speedlight. 24” octobox just over head, then masked out using a second frame

1 bare speedlight behind the couple shooting back at the camera

1 speedlight in MagSphere

2+ light set up

1 speedlight full power, overhead in a 24” softbox

3 speedlights
1 hitting barn, 1 adding rimlight, 1 in a 43” umbrella over head,
then masked out using a second frame

Both speedlights = bare

Bare speedlight behind, Key light = 1 speedlight with MagSphere

1 speedlight on either side of camera at different
powers shooting through white sheets

3 speedlights.. Two bare backlighting smoke, 1 gelled
with 2 full CTO gels, shooting through a 24” softbox

Creative Gels

2 gelled speedlights

2 gelled speedlights

2 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Speedlights (PS EP-54)”

  1. I have a 24″ softball but it doesn’t seem as portable as the 24′ speedbox that Nick used for his shots. He showed it in the video and it was black with yellow ribs. There was no brand visible. Can you tell me which one he used? Also, on the video where he showed his assistant holding it up over the couple in the water, it did not seem like the same speedbox but rather a very small umbrella. Can you explain, Nick?

    Love, love, love your Portrait session podcasts. Thanks so much.

  2. Great Podcast…. however cant find some of the images you guys talked about… thanks learn a lot every time

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