Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-163)

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Welcome Sandy Dorau!

Sandy Dorau

Questions of the Week:

  • Tim Covington – Is the ability to use APSC lenses on a full frame body a compelling reason to choose a particular camera brand?  If so, what manufacturers allow this?
  • Don Williamson – Manual mode only, or aperture priority?  I know Nick and Brian only use manual, and Jim uses aperture priority.  I also see other photographers like Joe McNally shooting in Aperture Priority.  So which one is right?
  • Bastian Bodyl – How do you build up a following on Instagram?

Erica’s 5 Minute Segment

  • How to generate portrait business while traveling

Nick’s 5 Minute Segment

  • Wine bottle photography.. creating and eliminating reflections

Sandy’s 5 Minute Segment

  • WPPI and SPE are coming up! I’m trying to get a good gameplan down/see if anyone would want me to check out any vendors.

Doodads of the Week!

Get all the doodads of the week from this episode and all the previous episodes here:

14 thoughts on “Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-163)”

  1. Hi, another option to make the transition between APS-C and full frame is to buy the camera and use the old lenses with a 1.4x teleconverter until you can buy the full frame lenses. I didn’t try but I read in some place that works fine, actually the photos looked good.
    Thanks for the podcast!

  2. Nick mentioned that he used a crop sensor lens on a Canon full frame body. He said he believed he used the 50 mm on a full frame (i.e. the niffy 50). The canon 50 mm 1.8 is a full frame lens. A lot of crop sensor owners have it because of the low cost. However, if you look at it the dot that lines the lens up is red (signifying a EF mount).

    You can not put any Canon EF-S lens on a full frame EF mount.

    1. @Terrill,

      I wasn’t on that episode to offer a little bit of a clarifying statement, but I think what our good host Mr Nick Page was getting at was that many photographers who shoot crop sensor cameras will have a lens or two that will work on the full frame camera so that not ALL is lost when upgrading. The 50mm 1.8 being a prime example. But you are right, the reason it works is because it is an EF mount and not the crop only EF-S mount.

    2. @Terrill – THANK YOU for the backup! I was pretty sure the 50 was an EF lens when he was saying that, but I didn’t have the specs in front of me to be certain.

  3. Fantastic group of people. Great practical tips from people making things happen. Love this episode. More more more

  4. Love ur podcasts

    Is the contest for those of us already following Nick and Jim, which I was. I now followed Erica and Sandy.

  5. My favorite episode so far. Have been listening for two months. The Jim vs Nick discussions are very entertaining as most of us can agree with both sides. Keep up the good work.

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