If we knew then what we know now [PS 42]

Main Segment:  Nick and Erica talk about some of the things they wish they knew when they first began their photography journeys.


  • Erica:
    • Business is hard
    • Organization is key
    • There is no such thing as too much education
    • Skill is more important than gear
    • Light is more important than anything else
      • “I wish I knew more about light.  What makes good light, how to manipulate light, FLASH, that a photo is about light so much more than posing or smiles or composition, or anything else.  I wish I knew Light with a capital L.”
  • Nick:
    • its not all about being a good photographer
    • starting with good file management
    • once you start with low prices, it is challenging to raise them
    • there are good clients, there are bad clients, and  you cant make everyone happy
    • the Walmart mentality is a real thing
    • shooting mistakes
      • the importance of background
      • the shooting location doesn’t have to be epic to create great photos
      • dont be afraid to stop down once in a while
      • you can create good light without packing tons of flash gear
      • sometimes speed is preferable to controlling the light
  • Listener wisdom:
    • Don’t disregard composition
    • “I wish I understood how expensive photography is.  And that GAS is a real thing.  A very real thing.”
    • Don’t shoot in small jpeg!
    • Lightroom is the best thing since sliced bread.
    • Starting a small photo group with friends will help keep you motivated and learn so much faster.
    • Networking is important for portfolio building and working for free isn’t necessary.
    • Not all clients are YOUR clients.
    • Find your niche.
    • Don’t take every job that is offered just for the experience.
    • Photography is more than making good photos.
    • You must have business knowledge to be successful.
    • The importance of connecting with subjects (and how much easier your job is when you can connect!).
    • Don’t spend money on new gear if you don’t know why you need it.
    • Posing can make or break your portrait work.


Lessons Learned  

  • Nick: Fixing skintones in lightroom’s HSL panel
    • Watch a tutorial here!
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