Be a Better Photographer in 2016 [IP155]

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Nick v Jim

Question of the Week

  • Bob L. asked: I've been shooting high school sports for a local paper and have been having an issue with my Nikon D7000 paired with a Tamron 70-200 f2.8 vc. When the background contains a high contrast sign (like on the boards in hockey) the camera will frequently miss focus on the background instead of the subject. Suggestions?

What mistakes in your photography do you want to rectify?

  • Jeff: Biggest mistake was oversharpening earlier in the year
  • Nick: Trying to offer both photo and video at weddings… sooo done
  • Brian: Shoot more variety.
  • Jim: Post-processing rut

Eureka moment while taking a pic

  • Jeff: Help my portrait backgrounds by properly lighting the subject, and replacing the sky if it isn’t great
  • Jim: Street photography with flash
  • Nick: Luminosity masks and exposure blending
  • Brian: Live view shooting and manual focus for sharper images. (Detroit)

Products mentioned

Goal for the future

  • Brian: Shoot for fun & practice new techniques (panos and photostacking)
  • Nick: Focus more on being original
  • Jeff: Nail large group lighting and hike somewhere to get a shot nobody else is getting
  • Jim: Learn to make frames.  I’m tired of canvases

Industry predictions

  • Nick:  5d iv.. will be underwhelming, but just good enough to keep me a canon shooter
  • Jeff: Adobe is going to make graphics acceleration work in Lightroom
  • Jim: 5dIV will have 4k
  • Brian: Mine deals w/ Jeff

Doodads of the Week

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  1. On a Nikon D7K, probably the best settings in these situations are AFC with back button focus and 9 point dynamic focus. The D7K does, however, have difficulties focusing when the background is high contrast so you have to take this into consideration.

  2. Note for Jim about picture frames.. While learning to make picture frames will be hugely fulfilling, there are good services on the internet for supplying custom frames probably as cheaply as you’ll find the materials. For listeners in GB, I’ve used this place near Coventry and I’m sure there are similar businesses in other countries.

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