Creative Light with Dennis Calvert [PS 41]

Nick Page chats with light master Dennis Calvert about how he incorporates creative light and light painting into his portraits.

Intro to lightpainting

  • Light painting in portraits: not just for landscapes and buildings
  • Light sources:  What are light sources can be used
  • What type of locations and weather conditions work best
  • What kind of special DIY gear can be created and used for different effects
  • Why get it right in camera vs use layers in photoshop
  • Where to find inspiration for light painted portraits

The transition into Weddings

  • with your background in light painting, what did you take into other creative portraits
  • the importance of light direction





View Dennis' work online here:

https://denniscalvert.net/   (light painting site)

https://denniscalvertphotography.com/  (portrait and wedding work)


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