Landscape Photographer of the Year


“Color Theory in Landscape Photography and Ted Gore’s Wonderful Pants


Ted Gore is the Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2015 and a special guest.  He lives in Los Angeles and works as a Freelance Motion Graphic Design.  Ted tallilienb-color-theory-best-infographicsks about Color Theory and his background in graphic design.  Ted's work can be viewed his website, 500px, facebook

Ted discusses shifting the blues in his shot “Cinque” of the sky in the shot to move them more toward to magenta to get the colors in line for color harmony. Ted explains that natural colors happen in nature, and must be kept within the realm of believability. If he pushed magentas too far here, it would not have been believable.


Breaking Fast
Breaking Fast




Singular color, simplicity, another example of analogous color harmony. They appear frequently in nature.



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