2015 Gear of the Year [IP 151]

Jim, Nick, & Darin gather to nerd out over the best gear created to date. The three also give you a sneak preview of Jeff' Harmon's 2015 Improve Photography Holiday Gift Guide.

What's in this episode:

  • Best full frame camera this year.
  • Best crop sensor camera this year.
  • Best mirrorless camera this year.
  • Best post-processing computer this year.
  • Best camera bag this year.
  • Best photography accessory this year.
  • Best lens this year.
  • Best tech this year.
  • What each of us want for Christmas!

Resources Mentioned:

  • Squarespace – (Enter Offer Code: ‘IMPROVE' to get 10% off your first purchase!)
  • Studio Neat  – (Enter Promo Code: ‘IMPROVE' to get 10% off of anything in the Studio Neat Store!



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4 thoughts on “2015 Gear of the Year [IP 151]”

  1. Hey Guys, Love the podcast, love the Lightroom presets and all you offer on the “Improve Photography” web site. I should have never listened to your podcast on the “2015 Gear of the Year” now I’m thinking of dumping my APS-C Canon for a Fuji XT-1 or should I move to the Nikon Full Frame d750 or wait maybe teh D810.

  2. like anything.. it depends on what you shoot! what camera do you hvae, as well as what lenses have you bought for that camera. I think Canon will soon be catching up in the race, thats why I am hanging onto all my canon gear, not to mention its not all about the gear, its the person working it!

  3. Is this the correct place to ask a question?

    Recently I was taking photos of some dresses for my daughter. They were hanging on a white background; I was using a Canon 6D with a EX580ii flash in ETTL mode with the camera in manual.

    Since more of the light was slightly concentrated in the middle I tried to add a 430 EXii Flash in slave mode, and spreading the flashes apart to cover the width of the dresses.

    When I took the photo I was surprised to see the photo was actually darker than the one taken with one flash. Any ideas what is happening? I guess I could have put the flashes on manual, but I would love to know why my setup failed. Thanks, guys!

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