8 New Post – Processing Tips [IP 150]

Jim sits down for a solo show reflecting on post-processing tips & techniques he has learned in 2015. Find out if his hands on experience with the iPad Pro has sold him on this massive product.

What's in this episode:

  • Jim's hands on experience with the iPad Pro!
  • Is Jim ditching Fuji for the iPad Pro?
  • Editing photos with the iPad Pro using Photoshop Fix.
  • The 2016 Lightroom Steal! – The best deal from Improve Photography just got better!!
  • Stackable Lightroom Presets & how they can help your workflow.
  • Weeding out older presets. – Keep up with styles, techniques, & technology change.
  • Why it is time to upgrade to the newest version of Lightroom.
  • Dehaze without the haze. – A different look at Dehaze in Lightroom.
  • Warming photos without involving the White Balance Slider.

Resources Mentioned:

  • The 2016 Lightroom Steal! – (Check out this larger than life deal now!)
  • Studio Neat – (Use Offer Code ‘IMPROVE' to get 10% off the Glif or any other product in the Studio Neat Store!)


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3 thoughts on “8 New Post – Processing Tips [IP 150]”

  1. I LOVE this podcast, and listen to it and all its affiliate podcasts. It so the most informative and beginner friendly podcast I’ve found. The one thing I have to disagree with is Jim’s assessment of lightroom mobile. I have a Samsung Note 4, with a stylus, and I have to say that between Lightroom mobile, and Photoshop Touch, I can do 80% of my editing before I even get to the computer. Lightroom mobile now has tone curves, color sliders(hue/saturation/brightness) and even venietting. In PS Touch, I can do layering and local edits. Would love to hear your thoughts about this work flow, and hear your thoughts on the tone curve slider, etc. Haven’t found a more robust editing tool in any other mobile app.

    Keep up what you guys do! I am a WAY better photographer for all that I’ve learned from Jim and the gang, and I’m extremely thankful for what you do. (also, very excited to play with the new presets I purchased on Black Friday! The only black Friday purchase I made this year.

  2. Randy Wolloschuk

    I have purchased the 2016 Lightroom Steal. I have downloaded, installed and have used new presets in LR the problem I am having is that after closing down LR then opening again next day presets have disappeared from Develop Module in LR. I can still see history of photos and new preset changes are there but not in Preset Library. I have installed them again and they disappear again. Any suggestions ??

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