Perspective Blending & Interview with Aaron Feinberg

In the first half of today's episode, Jim and Nick talk a bit about Perspective Blending.  Perspective blending means taking a panorama and focusing deeper into the scene with each shot.  This gives the photographer the benefit of focus stacking and the resolution of a panorama, all in one.  Listen to the episode to learn more!

In the second half of today's show, Majeed catches up with Kauai photographer Aaron Feinberg as they discuss what its like to live in paradise and the ups and downs of selling fine art for a living.  You can see more of Aaron's work at  www.afeinbergphotography.com and on facebook

afeinberg photo
The work of Aaron Feinberg
Nick's example of a perspective blend
Nick's example of a perspective blend


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  1. What is your RSS feed for the tripod podcast? I want to manually add it to my podcatcher, Bringcast. I don’t use ITunes. I heard about you on the Improve Photography podcast, but on the Improve Photography web page when you click on podcast yours doesn’t even show up.

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