Nick Calls Out Jim for a Night Photo Battle [IP 149]

Jim sits down for a peaceful chat about photography with Jeff, Darin, & Nick.  Out of nowhere he is called out by Improve Photography’s very own Nick Page.  The two announce it is time to show their cards from the long awaited Night Photo Battle. Jim, Darin, & Jeff navigate through the trenches to provide insight on Sharpening, SEO, Winter Photo Tips, Lightroom, & Shooting Family Reunion Photos.

What's in this episode:

  • Nick Lenn from Washington State asks how we are sharpening images.  – The secret sauce is revealed.
  • Erica Sneeringer inquires about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). – What is it? & Why is it important to photographers?
  • Excellent tips on getting your work noticed.
  • Looking beyond the thermometer & continuing to shoot off season.
  • The 2016 Lightroom Steal is back!  It's new and there is even more bonus content at an incredible price! – Tune in now to find out more!
  • Jeff takes us on a learning journey leading up to photographing a large group.
  • Nick does a Lightroom update pass fake, makes a quick dodge to the left, & calls Jim out on the Night Photo Battle.  – Hear Jim sweat bullets as Nick wields the sword of the Canon Full Frame Sensor. Will the Fuji Survive?

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