Pro Tips on Location Selection [PS 35]

Erica, Nick, &, Darin huddle to discuss what they look for when selecting locations for a current or upcoming Portrait Session.  The three answer questions from listeners of the show to assist them in choosing the perfect spot for their upcoming shoots. This week we provide you with a lesson learned hoping it proves useful in improving your photography skills.

What's in this episode:

  • Nick, Erica, & Darin help us realize small locations can be larger than life with the right frame of mind.
  • Framing your clients by shooting through foliage cleans up an otherwise busy space.
  • Finding texture and interesting light can make any portrait right.
  • The best light diffuser is free! – Use the clouds to your advantage.
  • Best practices for using the same locations as a pain in the butt photographer. – Best approaches to get them to show their cards.
  • Outfits complementing the location and the client(s).
  • Choosing a sturdy backdrop system for a successful studio shoot.
  • Who is responsible for bringing the props to a Portrait Session?
  • Best ways to work with customers when the weather is not cooperating.
  • Is it better to get permission on shooting on private property or ask for forgiveness later?
  • Wishing that Jim Harmer was there to join, the three offer insight into shooting in areas where there is an entrance fee.
  • Ideas for fun Holiday Card photos.
  • Combatting the cold weather by being resourceful.
  • Looking for creating interesting & fun settings in an otherwise blah location. – Working with what you have.
  • Nick finds the value in insuring his photo gear and signing up for Canon Professional Services.
  • Erica helps us realize we cannot please everyone & offers tips on how to cope with unsatisfied clients.
  • Darin learns the value of shooting tethered in Commercial Shoots & Weddings.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Scoutt – (Erica's resource for finding the perfect location!)
  • Improve Photography's 2016 Lightroom Steal! – (The best deal & bundle of resources for you to take your photography to the next level!)
  • Improve Photography's Portfolio Reviews – (Get MEANINGFUL & HELPFUL feedback on your work today!)


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