Lr November 2015 Update


Lightroom CC 2015.3/6.3

On 11/17 Adobe released an update to Lightroom CC 2015.3/6.3.  The release is the first after the software company got hammered with negative feedback from the maligned CC 2015.2/6.2 update where the import process was revamped in a way most photographers found to be unacceptable.  The change of the import process seemed to be just the stick the broke the camel's back as photographers of all types have been complaining about the past several updates to Lightroom provided by Adobe as the product seemed to get slower and more bug ridden with each update.  This November 2015 update to Lightroom brings back the import process, adds numerous lens profile updates, and offers a number of bug fixes (see the major ones below).


The Improve Photographer team has rushed to provide this information to our readers and podcast listeners but has yet to do any real-world testing with the update.  For now, we are labeling the update as “CAUTION” until we have a chance to put it through the paces.  We will be watching the user forums and doing our own testing, so watch for an update here and make sure to check out the Improve Photography podcast this week for an update.

If your photography business relies upon Lightroom functioning well, we recommend you hold off for a day or two at least before applying this update.

How to Update

The patch is available now, but if you attempt to get the update through the help menus of Lightroom or using the Creative Cloud application, you may end up with the CC 2015.2/6.2.2 update that has the new import process and a number of other bugs.  In order to make sure you get the November 2015 update, use these direct links for Windows or Mac.

Major Bug Fixes


  • Fixed – Several instability, functionality and performance issues introduced in Lightroom CC 2015.2.x/6.2.x.
  • Fixed – Performance slowdown when creating Standard sized previews on high resolution monitors.


  • Restored the old import dialog.
  • Fixed – Image previews were incorrectly displayed as completely black after import if “Auto Tone” is on in preferences.


  • Fixed – Rotated photos showed as incorrectly rotated when in Full Screen view.


  • Fixed – Edits made and saved in Photoshop or 3rd party plug-ins didn’t appear in the Develop module.
  • Fixed – User default for Chromatic Aberration Correction was ignored when importing.
  • Fixed – Crash when using the Radial or Graduated Filter.
  • Fixed – Couldn’t exist Full Screen view while using the Spot Healing Tool.

Photo Merge

  • Fixed – Several bugs related to Panorama Merge.


  • Fixed – The Map module appeared pixelated and photos were dropped in the wrong place when using hi-dpi monitors on Windows.


  • Fixed – Significant performance problems when exporting multiple photos.
  • Fixed – Flickr Publish Service improperly published multi-word keywords.

Other Fixes

Fixed – Palette, a 3rd party hardware device, stopped working with Lightroom.


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