Watch This Lighting Genius Create 3 Looks in One Room

Dedolight International Competition 2015 – Lighting Tutorial: How to create 3 atmospheres in one room from Dugly Habits on Vimeo.


Produced by Dugly Habits (www.duglyhabits.com)
Camera: Mark Klotz
Lighting: Dugly Habits
Actors: Joanna Barbera (Paula), Ives Pancera (Peter)
Supported by dedo light (www.dedolight.com)

I've always been impressed by the lighting in movies.  As photographers, we often place so much emphasis on lighting the model that we often forget about the environment around the person.  Photographers who undertake the work to light multiple areas of a scene, however, often create some of the most viral and impressive portraits I've seen.

Watch this short video of how lighting in movies is done to create an entire scene that communicates the mood. The video was produced by Dugly Habits, a Germany-based film production crew of mostly young creatives.

In the video, the crew uses the exact same two actors at the same table in the same room, but dramatically changes the mood of the shot using nothing but lighting.  It's impressive, and a lesson to photographers who want to step up their game.

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  1. Wow, I guess I never really thought about how much work went into setting a mood with lighting in a movie. Great video! A LOT of thought goes into it. I remember I did notice on Breaking Bad how the lighting in Walter’s house grew darker and darker as the seasons went on and I thought that was a cool artistic touch.

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