Portrait Questions From Jim Harmer! [PS 27]

In Portrait Session Podcast by Darin Mellor

Darin huddles with Nick Page & Erica Kay to tackle questions from the man, the myth, and the legend: – Jim Harmer! The three also provide a valuable lesson learned this week.

What's in this episode:

  • Does Erica ever use On-Camera Flash?
  • Darin's recipe for Street Photography Lighting. – To flash or not to flash?
  • Nick's go-to setup for sports portraits.
  • Erica reveals the worst mistake she has ever made during a professional shoot.
  • What Darin learned from shooting portraits in China & his favorite shot.
  • Does Nick ever use models for personal shoots & how does he get in touch with models?
  • Erica's thoughts on High Speed Sync.
  • If Darin had one Street Photography lens, which one would he choose?
  • How much time does Nick spend in Photoshop & Lightroom. – Minutes, hours, days?
  • Nick learns about the benefits of using video lighting at a wedding. – Almost a disaster story.
  • Erica learns new gear can help one get out of a creative rut.
  • Darin learns flexibility on a portrait shoot is key.

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About the Author

Darin Mellor

Darin Mellor is an independent contractor for Improve Photography, cohost of the popular Improve Photography Podcast, world traveler, and aspiring to be as big of a photography geek as Jim Harmer.