#WeddingPhotoGate [IP 140]

Jim is joined by Jeff, Darin, Brian, & Nick to discuss the happenings in the photography and photo tech world.  The five photo nerds take on listener questions & issues making headlines in the industry.  The show closes out with a real estate tip battle between Jim & Nick!

What's in this episode:

  • Apple's Special Event – Are any of these new products really going to benefit photographers?
  • #WeddingPhotoGate – Is the Professional Photographer the only one allowed to photograph a wedding?
  • Mason asks whether we are fans of Lightroom Mobile & whether we would recommend it.
  • James looks for tips on getting into stock photography to make some extra cash.
  • Darin shares some thoughts on Tamron's new Prime Lens offerings & teases his full review.
  • Brian reminds us of the ‘Other' Inbox on Facebook. – Check it or regret it.
  • Jim & Nick have a Real Estate Photography Tip Battle. – Tune into to see who wins!

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2 thoughts on “#WeddingPhotoGate [IP 140]”

  1. Ok on the #weddinggate issue. As a dj, photographer and photobooth operator. I think that the wedding photographer was right to be miffed.

    First off, I don’t shoot weddings, no interest in it.

    When I DJ an event I do bring my camera and take photos. To the extent that I can use them in my marketing material and social media. My contract says that the client is well aware that I take photos for marketing purposes. I mostly limit it t photos of my setup, my clients and guests using the photobooth wth their permission. That’s it! I know I am not paid to be the photog that day.

    What that DJ did is the same as brining n his own buffet setup and one-upping the caterer.

    I am far too busy doing my job of keeping th event on schedule to do this stuff. When she asked the DJ to back off, he should have.

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