PASS’ing the Test! [IP 138]

Darin sits down with Nick & Brian to answer questions from listeners of the podcast ranging from beginner to advanced. Nick & Darin get nerdy while Brian attempts to keep them grounded.   The three tackle the benefits of online galleries & replacing the sky in Photoshop.

What's in this episode:

  • Nick helps Joseph Land with focus stacking tips & tricks.
  • Nick & Brian assist Paul Bickley with mixing flash & ambient light at parties.
  • Suggestions for selling prints successfully asked by Caleb Chamberlain.
  • Nuran Gelici asks whether a Full-Frame camera is really going to have significantly better ISO performance over a APS-C (Crop Sensor camera).
  • Erika Sneering wants to know Nick's secret sauce for fulfilling orders on his prints.
  • Michael James Irwin asks what the F-Stop rating for Image Stabilization is all about.
  • Brian helps Suzana with organizing her files & developing a workflow in Lightroom.
  • Nick gives us insight into replacing the sky using Photoshop.
  • Brian brings up PASS & how it is has transformed print proofing & delivery for him, Nick, Darin, & Erica.
  • Darin suggests we need to shoot while the weather is nice or plan for upcoming nice weather.  – Stop making excuses.

Resources Mentioned:


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For those who don’t have a mobile device – You can always listen to the show by clicking the audio file at the top of this episode.


1 thought on “PASS’ing the Test! [IP 138]”

  1. After listening to this podcast I did some research on Peak Design straps on their website.
    After being reassured that the Peak Design plates were compatible with a wide range of tripod heads including all of mine (I use Manfrotto) I ordered a Peak Design clutch hand strap and shoulder strap for my birthday.
    These arrived just before I boarded a flight for a 2 week photography holiday. Unfortunately I soon found that the plates weren’t compatible with my tripods.
    When I got home, further research on the Peak Design website revealed that they sell Manfrotto-compatible plates. I ordered some. They still haven’t arrived. I have had to pay international postage twice and still don’t have the system working 2 months after I decided to buy.

    I originally thought it was a genuine mistake on the website, but after talking to Peak Designs customer support, I wonder if it is a strategy to sell extra parts.

    This is just my experience with them.

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